Saturday, 19 November 2016

Warning: Do not buy or use VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on Friday (Nov 18) warned the public against buying or taking weight loss product VIP Bio Mangosteen Complex as it contains very high levels of sibutramine, a banned substance in Singapore.

In a media release, HSA said the product's label states it contains only natural ingredients, including fruit and herbal extracts, but contains sibutramine as well as another undeclared western medicine, phenolphthalein.

Exceptional people: Singapore scientists in breakthrough in autism research

In a breakthrough that could pave the way for drugs to be developed to treat autism, scientists have discovered common patterns in the way DNA is “packaged” in the brains of autistic individuals that distinguish them from non-autistic people.

The latest discovery by scientists, including a team from Singapore, means that there is potential to develop drugs which could treat the majority of autistic individuals, instead of merely a tiny fraction of them, Dr Shyam Prabhakar said. He is the senior author of the study and associate director of integrative genomics at the Genome Institute of Singapore.

Children who drink full fat milk are SKINNIER

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Children who drink full fat milk are slimmer than those who drank semi-skimmed milk.

Researchers think that the blue cap milk left kids feeling more full so were less likely to snack on unhealthy foods.

The researchers also found that the children had higher levels of Vitamin D – the 'sunshine vitamin.'

Low levels of Vitamin D are linked to a weakened immune system, emotional ups and downs, depression, anxiety and weak bones.


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