Monday, 5 December 2016

Exceptional people: Life-saving toddler saved his diabetic dad’s life

A DIABETIC dad who collapsed in the kitchen was saved when his quick-thinking three-year-old son force fed him yoghurt.

Clever Lenny-George Jones dragged his little blue chair over to the fridge before reaching for the Muller Crunch Corner which saved his pop’s life.

The mother believes Lenny must have watched her heading to the fridge and then feeding Mark when he’s unwell.

Moral of lesson: Kids see and follow what their parents do, for good or for bad. So, it is never too early to teach your kids what to do in an emergency.


Exceptional people: Quick-thinking schoolboy saves his mother from choking on a pork scratching

A ten-year-old boy saved his mother from choking on a pork scratching after learning the Heimlich manoeuvre at a school demonstration just days before.

Dom Hollinshead used skills he learned in school from St John Ambulance after the snack got stuck in his mother Lisa's airway while she was watching TV alone.

Moral of lesson: It is never too young to learn life-saving skills.