Thursday, 8 December 2016

Forum: Children owe parents a huge debt

PUBLISHED DEC 7, 2016, 2:39 AM SGT

The story about the boy who gained 10kg so that he could donate bone marrow to his dying father was touching ("Chinese boy piles on the kilos to save father's life"; Nov 2).

Children today have a sense of entitlement and fail to appreciate what their parents do for them.

Working parents sacrifice time that can be spent bonding with the family to earn money to give their children a better life.

Stay-at-home parents put their careers and social lives on the back burner to look after their children.

All parents love their children unconditionally and will sacrifice everything for them.

Children owe their parents a debt of gratitude.

Lim Xuan Qi, 11,
Primary 5 pupil


Exceptional people: NTU student donated his organs after death

Less than a year before his tragic accident, Nanyang Technological University student Justin Tan told his family he wished for his organs to be donated upon death.

His family made sure his wish was carried out after Mr Tan died in a freak accident in Slovakia on Nov 25.

His organs have been donated to four patients in the country.

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