Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Forum: Problems with allowing small animals on buses

Allowing small animals like birds and hamsters on buses will open a Pandora's box ("Allow pet owners to take small animals on buses" by Mr Ng Aik Sing; Dec 16).

Owners of other pets, such as dogs, could then demand such rights, too.

There will be the question of what defines a "small" animal. For example, a chihuahua may also be considered small, so should it be allowed on public transport?

Then, there are social considerations.

Some people are afraid of animals, regardless of the size. Others could be sensitive to animals because of health or religious issues.

There is no guarantee that small pets are better behaved than other animals, especially in a shared environment on public transport.

The animals may make a lot of noise and irritate commuters. There could also be problems if they are accidentally let loose.

Guide dogs are needed to assist visually handicapped commuters, but other animals are just pets.

Public transport is meant for people, not animals, and we should keep it that way.

Francis Cheng


What you should eat if you have high cholesterol

From recent trials that tested the impact of specific foods on blood cholesterol, it was found that eating more nuts, plant sterols (molecules found in plants), legumes and olive oil helps to lower blood cholesterol.

The bad news? Junk foods raise blood cholesterol, especially bad cholesterol (LDL). Eating less lowers it.

Here is what you should eat:
1. Plant sterols and margarines
2. Nuts
3. Olive oil
4. Legumes

What you should not eat:
Junk food

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Lajin [拉筋] exercise for your lower backache

If you have lower backache, this exercise may help you. It is called la-jin or stretch your tendons.

Alternatively, you may do it on the floor, stretching against the wall/door, like below.

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