Friday, 23 December 2016

Get fit in just FIFTEEN minutes: The simple exercise you can do anywhere to get your heart racing

  • it strengthens bone density
  • endurance training and conditioning
  • improves coordination and agility
  • burns around 1300 calories/hour
  • tones muscles
  • enhances cardiovascular health
  • full-body workout
  • improves hip-flexor muscles
  • less stress on body joints as it is a low-impact exercise
  • inexpensive exercise
  • can do anywhere


Warning: HSA alerts the public on these health products

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has warned the public not to buy or take three "health products" which have caused serious side effects in people who consumed them.

The three products are Ananda Thukha Remedy for Diabetes, 1 Day Diet and Bee Brand Qi Li Xiang. All three have been found to contain undeclared potent Western medicine.