Saturday, 24 December 2016

Exceptional people: Christmas decorations at Marsiling HDB block

Christmas decorations at Marsiling HDB block car park near Blk 179 by Mr Tan Koon Tat.


Comparison of fats (part 1 of 5)

Fat is a rich source of energy. All types of fat provide the same number of calories (9kcal/g) regardless of where they come from.

There are three fats commonly found in a diet, and all three have different effects and benefits. 

These three are
1) saturated fat (#2/5)
2) monounsaturated fat (#3/5), and

A fourth type, trans fat (#5/5), is an extremely unhealthy byproduct of industrial fat production and should be avoided at all costs.

Amount of fats needed daily
Totol Fats / Saturates
Males: 95g / 30g
Females: 70g / 20g

Fats are essential parts of your body’s ability to function. From body temperature to weight management, maintaining a good level of healthy fats in your body is extremely important to long-term health.

Precautions with Fats
There is a likely link between the presence of a high-fat diet (including all three of the good fats) with a higher occurrence of gallstone disease.


Singapore's search for self-reliant water supply

Singapore currently uses 430 million gallons each day, with around half of the demand met by imported water. The goal is to have desalination and Newater capacities meet up to 85 per cent of Singapore's water needs by 2060.