Sunday, 25 December 2016

Hardship fund for ComfortDelGro cabbies

ComfortDelGro cabbies facing financial hardship will soon be able to seek help directly from the company from a fund to be launched on Christmas Day.

On that day , ComfortDelGro Taxi will donate 50 cents for every completed booking job to the fund. It expects to raise at least $50,000.

The Cabby Hardship Fund will offer financial aid to ComfortDelGro Taxi cabbies and their immediate family members in the event of death, total and permanent incapacity, as well as serious chronic medical conditions. It is the company's first such fund.


1 in 150 children in Singapore has autism

One in 150 children here has autism, a higher rate than the World Health Organisation's global figure of one in 160 children.

This comes as more pre-schoolers here get diagnosed with developmental issues. There were 4,400 such children in 2014, a 76 per cent jump from the 2,500 children in 2010.

The data on developmental problems came from KK Women's and Children's Hospital and the National University Hospital, which diagnose such disorders in children six years and below.

The children's conditions include autism, speech and language delays, behavioural problems and global development delay.


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