Sunday, 5 February 2017

Walk around Singapore - Saying goodbyes to buildings/places along park connector network - updated Dec 2017

Rochor Centre

These colorful blocks of flats are to be demolished soon. Just behind them is the revitalised Rochor Canal.

Another place near to Rochor Canal that will become history from July 10, 2017 is the Sungei Road flea market, or Thieves' market.

Dakota Crescent

These low-rise rental flats along Geylang park connector will be torn down soon. All residents have to clear this place by last day of the year (of course they will be a few who could not do that).

Note: Channel 8 serial "The Hero" used the buildings here for its story.

Latest (Dec 2017): The government will retain the historic estate's courtyard and iconic dove playground, along with the six blocks around them when the place is being redeveloped.


This landmark for youngsters along Singapore River Promenade has already shifted to Clarke Quay but the building is not gone yet.

Jurong Country Club

Jurong Country Club, surrounded by Jurong Lake will close for good on the last day of the year to make way for the high speed train linking Singapore to Malaysia.

Yangtze Cinema and Pearls Centre

The very old Pearls Hill shopping centre and the last famous R-rated cinema Yangtze closed in August to make way for a new MRT line. The building is just behind the Pearls Hill central park, famous for its 3/4 cylindrical Pearl Bank apartments.

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