Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Help schemes for kids come under one online system

A new programme in Tampines West will consolidate the various help schemes offered by different organisations into one system.

Three schools will be part of the pilot project, led by the North East Community Development Council (CDC). They are East View Primary School, Junyuan Primary School and Tampines Primary School.

Teachers, school counsellors and volunteers (trained by MSF to screen the needs of children) will first identify vulnerable children through a one-on-one screening.

Social workers from the Students Care Service will then key the details into an online system that will analyse and match the children's needs to over 10 help schemes or programmes, such as meal fund which provides food vouchers to children, after-school mentoring programmes and character-building camps.

The programme also helps their unemployed parents by linking them to job-placement schemes, thus providing more all-round support.


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