Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sabah Snake Grass can treat cancer

Watch this video if you want to see the grass clearer.

As the name suggests, Sabah Snake Grass was initially used to treat people bitten by snakes. It is believed that the grass could neutralise the toxin of the snakes.

But lately, many stories of people with cancer have been cured by this herb as it is believed that the grass neutralises the cancer toxin, allowing the body to heal.

Where to buy the grass
Most nurseries have this grass for sale, about S$10-$15 per pot. You can also get this grass for free from many community gardens.

How to grow your own Sabah Snake Grass
This grass is easily grown. Get a few cuttings and put them in a container with water. After a few days, roots would have grown. You may plant the grass now.

Or, you could just plant the cuttings of the grass but the chances of the grass surviving is lower than when the cuttings have roots.

How to eat the grass

  • Pluck the leaves, as many as you can. Soaked them in water for a few minutes and then clean them. Make sure there are no bugs as you have to eat them raw.
  • You may then blend the leaves with fruits or other vegetables so that the smoothie is not that bitter.
  • Drink a cup of the smoothie a day and keep the rest in the fridge.

Other uses for Sabah Snake Grass
It is also good for kidneys. Even if you do not have cancer, you may eat the leaves for good health.


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