Monday, 3 July 2017

Benefits of walking or running backwards

Walking backwards is retro-exercise. It:
  1. Helps you to use muscles and movements that you probably rarely use, making it an ideal way to change up your exercise routine for greater fitness gains.
  2. Puts less strain and requires less range of motion from your knee joints, which is useful for people with knee problems or injuries. It is good for the hips, legs, and trunk.
  3. May help relieve lower back pain, improve hamstring flexibility, burn more fat and calories in less time than traditional walking, improve balance and even sharpen your thinking skills and vision. Some experts say walking 100 steps backwards is equivalent to walking 1000 steps forward.
  4. Increases vision and hearing powers because you do not have eyes behind you, so the senses pick up the needs.
  5. Backward running strengthens the heart, lungs, muscles and joints.
  6. Your stomach will work out like your back and creates a nice reaction for your abdominal. Putting it in reverse for a while is a pretty good deal.

People who may benefit from backward-walking training include anyone who:
  • Is undergoing post-surgical knee joint rehabilitation
  • Suffers from muscle strains of the hip, groin, hamstrings or lower back
  • Suffers from lower extremity injuries including sprained ankles, Achilles tears or shin splints
  • Has tried everything including ibuprofen, ice/heat treatments, complete time off from training, physical therapy, stretching, and more traditional strength training without sufficient results

Note: Cycling backwards on a static cycling machine has almost the same benefits as walking backwards.


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