Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dog owners more likely to exercise regularly

Dog owners who walk their pets outside are more likely to have regular exercise habits, regardless of weather, according to a new study.

Regular dog walkers were more active on days with cold, rainy weather - and on days with the worst weather conditions, they had 20 percent higher activity levels and were more active for 30 minutes per day, compared to people who did not have dogs.

Importantly, even dog-owners who do not walk their dogs regularly are less sedentary than people without dogs, pointed out Ann Toohey of the University of Calgary in Canada, who studies aging, dog-walking and neighborhood communities.

“Various aspects of taking care of a dog, such as letting them in and outside, feeding them, playing with them, grooming them and cleaning up after them, may help to explain this,” she told Reuters Health by email. “I think we need to take note and explore further the benefits of pets in daily living.”


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