Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Mr Lee Hsien Loong and Diabetes

Mr Lee noted that it was because many people did not take diabetes seriously, that it has become a serious problem.

His concerns:
  • Singaporeans have one of the world’s longest life expectancy at 82 years, they also experience an average of eight years of ill health in old age
  • Obesity is one of the causes of diabetes. Diabetes is an 'invisible disease'
  • 1 in 9 Singaporeans has diabetes
  • 3 in 10 Singaporeans over the age of 60 has diabetes
  • 17% of Malays in Singapore have diabetes
  • An average of about 1,200 diabetics undergo amputation every year in Singapore
  • Among five-year-olds, one in 10 is overweight
  • More diabetes cases among young people as well, including children
Why are more Singaporeans putting weight?

PM Lee also suggested eating less and healthier, cutting back on soft drinks and doing more exercises. Singaporeans are putting on weight partly because they are eating more, he said.

Two decades ago, Singaporeans were eating 2,100 calories every day, about the right amount. By 2004, it went up to 2,400 calories a day, equivalent to two extra scoops of ice cream a day. By 2010, this number went up to 2,600, amounting to an extra scoop of ice cream with topping.

His advice: 

Eat less white rice (or other processed carbohydrates like mee, mee hoon, roti prata, food made from flour, etc).

“White rice may not taste sweet, but the effect is almost like eating sugar. When you eat white rice, your blood sugar will shoot up,” he said.

My 2 cents: Follow the Healthy Plate by NHB.

Ref: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/national-day-rally-1-in-9-singaporeans-has-diabetes-problem-very-9140176

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