Monday, 21 August 2017

People in photos and video

1) Not every Ang Mo in Singapore works in the office

Mr Phillip George Laskaris (right), from Australia, teamed up with Mr Marc Ashley to open Yu Lian, which specialises in Thai durian.

SBS Transit bus captain Daniel Jacobus Ellis came from South Africa

2) Common Goal
Juan Mata (left) is being joined by Mats Hummels in donating one per cent of his salary to chairty for Common Goal project.

Common Goal is the brainchild of Mata who wanted a team of soccer players and institutions to donate 1% or more of their salary to charity that supports soccer.

3) He wants to look older

Pawel Ladziak is an Instagram fitness star. Little do people know that he is actually 35 years old. Some people are adamant that he is in his 60s.

4) Adults in China behaving like children when having injection

5) People fainted when they are too scared

Guy Faints in Hospital after pain shot

Girl Passes out on rollercoaster

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