Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Forum: Parents must stop putting children in danger in vehicles

All kids should be strapped for their safety

There needs to be increased awareness of the danger of not strapping children safely into proper child seats in the back seats of cars (Driving home child safety; Sept 16).

Recently, I saw a woman lifting her infant out of a child seat which was in the front passenger seat.

It was not a matter of space - it was a spacious continental car and there were no passengers in the back seat - so I cannot understand why she would engage in such a dangerous act as putting her infant in the front seat.

Not too long ago, I reported to the Traffic Police about seeing another woman holding her infant in her lap in the front passenger seat while her husband drove.

At least once, I have seen children standing in the back of moving cars.

I believe I do not need to emphasise how dangerous it is to do this.

As the parent of an infant, I understand that children may scream when their parents try to put them in child seats.

But safety in vehicles is of paramount importance and should supersede any inconvenience or protest.

Wilson Tan Teck Hian


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