Thursday, 30 November 2017

More help for mentally incapacitated elderly with no family support

Seniors who have lost their mental capacity and lack family support will have the option of turning to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) to make important decisions for them under a new Government initiative to be launched in early 2018, was announced by the Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee.

The scheme, called Community Kin Service, will allow VWOs to apply for a court order to manage a fixed sum of their clients’ finances. The court will require a doctor to certify that the client is mentally incapable of making financial-related decisions.

The VWOs will also be granted the right to administer payment to service providers for their charges’ personal, healthcare and household needs.


Children who are physically active have greater brain power

Children who are fitter have more brain power, according to new research.

A study of eight to 11-year-olds found exercise boosted grey matter in nine different areas.

These were important for cognition, executive function and academic achievement, say scientists.

It is the first time the dramatic effect of physical activity on the structure of the brain has been identified.


Prunes are good for building strong bones

Eating 10 (dried) prunes a day will slow down bone loss that occurs naturally.

A study by a Dr Bahram Arjmandi from Florida State University, found that women who ate prunes over 12 months have significantly higher bone mineral density (BMD) in their bodies.

A follow-up study from the same group of women 5 years later showed that those women who ate prunes in the study, still maintained a higher BMD scores even the women did not consume prunes regularly in the 5 years since.


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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

1 Bitcoin is worth US$10,000

As at 1400hr on 29 Nov, 2017

NSF's app cuts fire bikers' response times

Fire and Rescue Specialist-Emergency Medical Technicians, or fire bikers, are typically the first responders to fire and medical emergencies. They have to set off within a minute when emergency calls, with a piece of paper with details of the case, followed by a SMS about the case.

To make the response process more seamless, Cpl Hashir Zahir felt it would be useful when an SMS comes in, the app instantly gives fire bikers the option to start navigating to the location without any hassle.

On occasions where the fire bikers need to go beyond the usual boundary or respond to calls at newer property developments, the app removes the need to manually key in the address into their mobile phones. Directions can be pulled up with just two taps via the app.

After spending close to 100 hours on his days off scouring the Internet to find out more about app development, he took about three weeks to come up with the first version in March.

The app is into its fourth version and is only for Android phones for now, has been on a pilot scheme at the 3rd SCDF Division fire stations in Yishun, Ang Mo Kio and Sengkang. The response had been very positive so far.


The Salvation Army appointed as fourth agency to support foster families

The Salvation Army (TSA) has been appointed as the fourth fostering agency to provide support to foster families, announced the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

TSA joins MCYC Community Services Society (MCYC), Boys' Town (BT) and The Singapore Muslim Women’s Association to further grow foster care in the community. It is expected to be operational by mid-2018.

Currently, around 470 children in Singapore are in foster care. As of end September, there were about 440 foster parents. MSF estimates that about 150 more families will be needed over the next few years to foster older children and teenagers. Currently, a third of the population of foster children are above 10 years old.


Charged for undelivered goods? CASE unveils guide for credit card refunds - chart


Eat your way to better skin

Source: thenewpaper

Tofu wine, anyone?

Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan (right) and PhD student Chua Jian Yong successfully turned tofu whey into a tasty alcoholic beverage, which they named Sachi. (Credit: National University of Singapore)
Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have successfully turned tofu whey into an alcoholic beverage with a fruity, sweet flavour.

Tofu whey is a liquid that is generated from the production of tofu or bean curd and is often discarded.

“The traditional way of manufacturing tofu produces a large amount of whey, which contains high levels of calcium and unique soya nutrients such as isoflavones and prebiotics. Hence, disposing tofu whey is wasteful," Mr Chua said.

The team has filed a patent for the process, and they are looking to collaborate with industry partners to introduce the drink to consumers.


Monday, 27 November 2017

Knit beanies for stillborn babies; Volunteers needed


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Early support for families of inmates

An agency that helps former inmates and their family members cope with life after prison wants to offer its services to them earlier, once the courts have passed judgment.

Starting in January, as part of a six-month pilot, the Singapore After-Care Association (Saca) will set up a booth at the State Courts to answer questions from family members of those who will be jailed soon.

Saca director Prem Kumar said its work with young children whose mothers are in prison highlighted the need to help and support affected families. He said: "It makes sense to reach out and offer help to these families at the point of sentencing rather than wait until the loved one is in prison."

Staffed by experienced volunteers, the booth, called family-connect @ State Courts, will run every Monday and Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. It is a stop for families who want to know the type of help they can receive, particularly at the State Courts, which handle about 99 per cent of Singapore's criminal caseload.


Black rice is the most nutritious of all rice

Black (glutinous) rice contains anthocyanins, a natural antioxidants common among dark colored fruits like berries and grapes. Other types of rice do not have anthocyanins. Studies have shown that anthocyanins help to prevent heart disease, control obesity and alleviate the symptoms of diabetes. TCM believes black food can benefit kidneys, stomach and liver, which in turn, benefits the whole body.

Black rice contain more iron than the other types of rice. Iron is important for the making of blood in our body.

Black rice is a naturally gluten-free food. So if you think you are gluten sensitive, black rice is another alternative food for you.

Black glutinous rice is cooked or eaten with coconut milk, a good fat. Coconut contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), which increases metablism and helps weight loss. A trend now is drinking bullet coffee or butter coffee, in which MCT oil or butter is added to coffee. In Singapore, old folks have been drinking coffee guyou (butter) for ages.

Sadly, black rice has the most calories of all rice, so control your consumption.


Exceptional people: Young stars raise $2.1m at ChildAid 2017

Source: ST

Young talents took to the stage last night to raise more than $2.1 million at the 13th edition of the annual charity concert ChildAid.

More than 190 performers aged five to 18 dazzled an audience of 1,325 at Resorts World Theatre with martial arts, Bollywood dance and more in the concert, organised by The Straits Times and The Business Times.


Saturday, 25 November 2017

'Tears were shed' as ambulance crew grants dying woman's last wish

An Australian ambulance crew carrying a dying woman to hospital took a detour to grant her final wish - to visit the beach one last time.

"Tears were shed and the patient felt very happy," the Queensland Ambulance Service posted on its Facebook page alongside a photo showing a paramedic beside a stretcher facing the ocean at Hervey Bay, on Australia's east coast.

"Sometimes it is not the drugs/training/skills - sometimes all you need is empathy to make a difference!"


Robots take over mundane tasks at Singapore banks

Yes, more Singaporeans are going to lose jobs as banks have started to replace mundane jobs with software robot powered by robotic process automation (RPA). Computer jobs look more promising than banking.

Amy, the software robot at UOB, processes requests for letters of credit in 40 secs, vs 240 secs for human workers. In addition, she does not need coffee break and works 24/7.

Another robot, Eve, helps to comb through information on an applicant’s Central Provident Fund statement to compute one’s annual income. With the ability to handle up to 1,800 applications per day, she is 3.5 times faster than human counterparts.

Bob and Zac at OCBC have slashed processing time by 97% to 1 minute instead of 45 in home loans restructuring and compiling sales performance report took 12 minutes instead of 120.

Other banks have been using robots as receptionists in banks.

When one talks to a bank officier in the near future, it may be that you are talking to a robot in a virtual world.

Read more on how robots are being used in banks @

Video: These Foods Will DESTROY Bacteria and Parasites in the Body

Friday, 24 November 2017

Optional re-registration of NRICs for those born before 1962

From next year, Singapore citizens and permanent residents born before 1962 will have the option of re-registering their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said in a press statement.

Currently, Singapore citizens and permanent residents must register for their NRICs at age 15. They must then re-register when they turn 30 and 55. Through these exercises, applicants are issued with new NRICs bearing their most recent photographs, thereby improving identification as they grow older.

This new optional exercise will allow those born before 1962 and who have not replaced their NRICs in the last 10 years to do so.

Eligible parties will receive a notification letter, the authority said.

A subsidised fee of S$10 for Singapore citizens and S$50 for permanent residents will apply to those who re-register within one year from the date of the notification letter. Thereafter, the full fee of S$60 will apply.

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Uber's massive data breach and Singapore 'phantom' ride cases not related

Uber has "no reason to believe" that the massive global data breach it suffered in 2016 is linked to the "phantom" rides being reported by some Singapore users, the ride-sharing company said.

"We have no reason to believe these two events are linked," an Uber spokesperson said in response to queries from Channel NewsAsia.

On Tuesday, Uber disclosed that hackers had stolen the personal data of about 57 million riders and drivers of the service in 2016, and that the company had kept the breach for more than a year after paying a US$100,000 ransom.

The news came a day after Channel NewsAsia reported that several Uber users in Singapore had complained this month of being charged for rides they never took, often in faraway places and in foreign currencies.

For your own safety, Singaporeans having Uber account, in my opinion, should change your passward immediately or cancel your Uber account if you are not using Uber anymore. Talk to your bank on changing your credit card too.

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Three coffees a day linked to more health than harm

Image for illustration only

People who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see health benefits than harm, experiencing lower risks of premature death and heart disease than those who abstain, scientists said on Wednesday (Nov 23).

The research, which collated evidence from more than 200 previous studies, also found coffee consumption was linked to lower risks of diabetes, liver disease, dementia and some cancers.

Three or four cups a day confer the greatest benefit, the scientists said, except for women who are pregnant or who have a higher risk of suffering fractures.

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View: Offer kind words to MRT staff


Thursday, 23 November 2017

Forum: Frustration is not with our train system

As someone who commutes daily by train, I would say Singaporeans like me are not frustrated with our public transport system per se.

We have a modern system that would make most people proud.

What we are really frustrated about is that the Transport Minister keeps blaming the design and the age of the train system for problems.

We can understand that our train networks are complex and ageing; but no more than most systems around the world (Learn right lessons from MRT incidents: PM Lee; Nov 20).

Bangkok Skytrain was built in a heavily built-up city, with its fair share of twists and turns. The Hong Kong and Taipei systems are as old as, or even older than, ours.

But, we do not hear complaints of design or age issues when there are problems.

Singaporeans' frustration is with the lack of accountability by the management of SMRT and the regulatory bodies in allowing the situation to deteriorate to its current sorry state.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan (Dr)


My 2 cents:
When I was working with students in a school, I would always advise them to blame themselves first should they make mistakes or cause problems.

It is easy to learn from your mistakes if you admit it. If you keep blaming others for mistakes made, you will have problem with denial and will not learn from your mistakes. The mistakes will keep repeating.

Fire fighters roped in to help victims of cardiac arrest

From next year, fire trucks may be racing ahead of ambulances to help victims of cardiac arrest.

Given that they are usually the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency, fire fighters will be roped in to help save lives, and more than 300 have been certified as emergency medical technicians.

This means they have learnt high-performance cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on top of basic first aid. It is a method that uses a larger team working simultaneously to perform CPR faster and more effectively.

It is among several new measures to improve the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest victims, nearly four in five of whom now die.


Exceptional people: Mr Samuel Ong presented with a Letter of Appreciation for public-assisted arrest

On the 31 October 2017 at about 7.20AM, Mr Samuel Ong, a Singapore Armed Forces serviceman, was on an escalator at Tanah Merah MRT Station when he noticed an 18-year-old man standing closely behind a young lady. As Mr Samuel walked past the man, he saw him holding a mobile phone under the woman’s skirt with the camera facing upwards.

Without hesitation, Mr Samuel immediately confronted the man while he called for the Police. Upon arrival, officers from the Public Transport Security Command and Bedok South NPC made a check on the 18-year-old man and found upskirt videos in his phone. The man was subsequently arrested for Public Nuisance and will also be investigated for taking upskirt photos.


New polyclinic in Punggol to offer physiotherapy, podiatry services

Image: Singhealth

The new Punggol Polyclinic, which will open on Friday (Nov 24), will offer more than the standard services – it will also have X-ray, physiotherapy and podiatry services, SingHealth Polyclinics said in a press release.

The four-storey polyclinic is housed in a new Housing Board commercial development called Oasis Terraces, located next to Oasis LRT at 681 Punggol Drive.

Punggol Polyclinic will also work with the upcoming Sengkang General and Community Hospitals, clinics and other community service providers to provide seamless care for residents, SingHealth said.

More information and appointment on SingHealth's website.

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Hot shower is BAD for your skin

Hot shower is not good for your skin as it washes away the skin's protective oils and can lead to dry and itchy skin or even rashes.

One way to tell if the water is too hot? Your skin looks red and flushed after you step out of your bath.

Use lukewarm or cool water on the skin, as hot water dehydrates the skin too.


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

8 ways to improve brain health, cut dementia risk

Heed these tips from local healthcare start-up Senescence Life Sciences to combat brain ageing and reduce your risk of dementia.

1. Brush your hair and teeth with your non-dominant hand
2. Exercise with friends
3. Start a new book, take a break from screen time
4. Take a different route to work
5. Volunteer in some charities or help the less fortunate.
6. Enjoy the outdoors
7. Learn to manage your stress
8. Indulge in some dark chocolate, considered to be a brain food.


Video: Amazing health benefits of durians

Monday, 20 November 2017

MOE accepts recommendations on compulsory education for children with special needs

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said it has accepted recommendations from a 17-member advisory panel on having compulsory education for children with special needs.

The panel, chaired by Minister of State for Education Janil Puthucheary, was appointed in November 2016 to make recommendations to look into how compulsory education can be implemented in a way that best serves the needs of these children, aged above six and below 15.

Among the recommendations were to provide more guidance to parents before their children start Primary 1 and help them make decisions in placing their child in a school.

Parents will get more support in obtaining a diagnosis for their child, while the ministry will work on improving confidence in special education schools (SPED).

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Singapore is the third richest country in the world

The ranking are based on the International Monetary Fund’s October 2017 data on GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity, which compares the currencies of countries in relation to the cost of goods and is used to weigh a country’s economy in relation to others, according to the IMF.

15 Iceland $52,150
14 Netherlands $53,580
13 Saudi Arabia $55,260
12 USA $59,500
11 San Marino $60,360
10 Hong Kong $61,020
09 Switzerland $61,360
08 United Arab Emirates $68,250
07 Kuwait $69,670
06 Norway $70,590
05 Ireland $72,630
04 Brunei $76,740
03 Singapore $90,530
02 Luxembourg $109,190
01 Qatar $124,930


3 stretching exercises to EASE your walking & lower back pain and aches

1. Piriformis syndrome

a) This is how you can stretch your piriformis muscle:

Grab your left knee with your left hand.
Grab your left ankle with your right hand.
Pull your left knee toward your right shoulder.
Pull your left ankle also towards your right shoulder.



b)  Dr Alan Mandell's method

2) Pelvic Imbalance and Uneven Hips

a) Dr Allan Mandell's method


b) Do the Lajin

3)  Standing back bend for lower back pain

This stretch is good when you have aches at your lower back. Do it whenever
1. you get out of bed every morning
2. whenever you feel your back is aching
3. when you sit or squat too long

Japanese believe stretching backwards exercises benefit your body physically and mentally, extending your life span.  Read more about backwards stretching exercises here.

My 2 cents:
We have been walking since we started to learn how to walk, causing our legs and backsides muscles and tendons to get inflamed and tightened, causing pain. So, no matter how fit you are, these pains will still be there.

80% of leg/foot pain and aches are actually due to a weakened lower back. 20% are due to injuries. If you go to a medical professional for leg/foot pain and never seems to work, it means that doctor is treating you in the wrong place.

I have been doing all these exercises almost everyday to make my aches and pain less. So I hope you will also do some sort of stretching to make yourself more mobile.

This is the most convenient way of stretching when you are sitting down. You can do it in the office, on board MRT and almost everywhere. Complement with the stretching exercises as shown above.

Cross your leg and bend.

Cycling to work makes you as slim as the gym

A study of 130 overweight people found pedalling to work burned off as many calories and achieved close to the same weight loss as regular sessions of high-intensity exercise.

Those who exercised in their spare time lost 9.9 pounds (4.5kg) over the study period, while those who simply cycled lost almost 9.3 pounds (4.2kg).

Professor Bente Stallknecht, from the University of Copenhagen, who was involved in the study, said: ‘This is good news for the many overweight people who may not have the time or inclination to join a fitness centre, because they also have to pick up their children and cook dinner after work.


My 2 cents:
For cycling to be effective, you must cycle long distance. My experience is losing 2-3kg each time I cycle 50km in a day.
Ride with a partner or small group makes cycling more interesting.

Jogging etiquette

Source: thenewpaper, 18 Nov, 2017

Saturday, 18 November 2017

More children hurt in road accidents in first half of 2017

A total of 132 children aged 12 and below were injured in road traffic accidents in the first half of this year, up from 128 in the same period last year.

"We can avoid and prevent needless tragedies, and more can be done to educate and instil road safety habits in young children," said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education Faishal Ibrahim.

Associate Professor Faishal noted that children are vulnerable as they may not understand the dangers present on the road, and their size makes them less visible to motorists.


Getting a dog may save your life, especially if you are single

Older people who live alone are 33% less likely to die over the next 12 years if they have a dog, according to a Swedish study of more than 3.4 million elderly people.

The biggest impact is in heart disease, the world's greatest killer, with owning Britain's favourite pet reducing early deaths rates by a staggering 36%, the research adds.

Researchers believe canine pets also help to lower loneliness, which has been described as 'akin to a chronic long-term condition' and linked to disorders including heart disease and dementia.

As well as offering companionship and boosting non-human interactions, dogs also encourage their owners to exercise via walks as well as strenghten humans' gut bacteria, which has previously been linked to a stronger immune system and maintaining a healthy weight.


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Dangers of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary emblolism

Deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, is blood clot that develops within a deep vein, usually in the leg.

If the clot travels to the lungs and becomes lodged there, it becomes pulmonary embolism, and is exceedingly dangerous if left alone.

Source: ST


Friday, 17 November 2017

Taking charge in the home dialysis process

These days, people with kidney failure can opt for home dialysis rather than make trips to centres.

This is made possible with the use of peritoneal dialysis, which can be done with the use of a machine.

Besides, home dialysis does not require needles and, because it causes less strain on the heart, less medication is also needed to control one's blood pressure and anaemia.

There are two types of dialysis that can be done at home: continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD).

Read the full article @


The 'time travel' 1860 painting that appears to show a woman engrossed in an mobile phone

While the true explanation behind the painting may be far more time-appropriate, the century-old piece bears remarkable similarity to a scene that’s become all too familiar today, as ‘distracted walkers’ dominate the sidewalks with phone in hand.


Ten-Year-Old's Face Unlocks Face ID on His Mom's iPhone X

Apple iPhone X facial recognition security is not as secured as one may think.

What the new blood pressure limits mean for Singaporeans - updated

The American Heart Association’s (AHA) new standards for high blood pressure may be "the impetus" that Singaporeans need "to be more aggressive with lifestyle modifications”, said Dr Paul Chiam, cardiologist with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

This is especially so since the AHA announced that 130/80mmHg now qualifies as high blood pressure instead of the previous limit of 140/90mmHg in the journal, Hypertension, and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology on Monday (Nov 13).

Checks on blood pressure levels should be done at least once every six months for those without hypertension. Individuals with hypertension or have elevated readings by the new cut-offs should monitor theirs every two to three months, said Dr Chiam.

There is no need for medication or major lifestyle changes if your blood pressure is between 130/80mmHg and 140/90mmHg, said Dr Chiam.

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Update: Singapore will not adopt US' blood pressure limits: MOH

Forum: SMRT should learn from SIA

SMRT should learn from Singapore Airlines (SIA) how to run a transport service - namely, to have an attitude of zero tolerance for mistakes.

To fix its numerous problems, SMRT should not hesitate to hire foreign experts if need be or second SIA staff over. After all, SIA staff have the right work culture. Safety, a young fleet, and top rate customer experience define the airline.

Also, engineering is one of its key strengths. It sells excess engineering capacity to other top international carriers. That is how good the engineers are and that is how good its reputation is.

SMRT is in the same business as SIA, the only difference is the vehicle that is used.

Singapore cannot claim to be a good transport hub if one of our three transport pillars is not up to scratch. Intermodal visitors who fly in to Singapore and have a bad experience travelling by train to their final destination will remember only the worst part of their journey.

Ray Teo Guat Choon


Eating nuts linked to lower heart disease risk

People who regularly snack on a variety of nuts may face a lower risk of heart disease than those who donot, said the largest study of its kind, which was released this week.

Eating five weekly servings of walnuts, peanuts or other kinds of tree nuts was linked to a 14% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and a 20% lower risk of fatal complications due to hardened arteries, said the report released on Monday in the Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology.

Walnuts appeared to be the healthiest option, according to the findings, based on more than 210,000 people who answered regular surveys as part of a nurses' study that spanned 32 years.

However, because it was an observational study based on self-reported questionnaire responses, it was unable to prove cause and effect.


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

World Diabetes Day: War on diabetes has raised awareness

Over a year after the Ministry of Health declared a "war on diabetes", public awareness of the disease has increased, Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said.

"Increasingly, we can see that a lot more people are aware,'' Dr Khor told The Straits Times yesterday at an event to mark World Diabetes Day tomorrow, adding that more effort was still needed to get the public to take action.

Asked for figures that showed an increase in public awareness of diabetes, the Health Ministry said it has seen "positive changes in food consumption patterns, and increased participation in activities such as the National Steps Challenge".


Getting tough on sexual harassment at work

"Me Too" (or "#MeToo", with local alternatives in other languages) spread virally as a two-word hashtag used on social media in October 2017 to denounce sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein - wikipedia


Deadly outbreak of black death which has killed 140 in Madagascar

A strain of plague which has already killed more than 140 Madagascar could mutate and become untreatable, an expert has warned.

There are fears the disease could spread to Europe and America via plane travel as Ebola did in 2014, with ten African nations already put on alert for signs of infection.

The majority of those cases have been pneumonic plague, a more-deadly form of the bubonic plague which devastated Europe's population in the 1300s.

While the bubonic plague is spread through the bites of infected fleas, pneumonic plague is spread through the air, usually by coughing.

Symptoms include severe fever, headaches and coughing, with patients often coughing up blood.

It can be fatal within 72 hours of infection, though can also be cured with a course of antibiotics if administered quickly.

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Scam warning: Microsoft movie maker

Microsoft movie maker was part of a main software called Microsoft Essentials 2012 but was discontinued many years ago.

But it is such an easy to use program, it is still very popular with many users.

Original a freeware, scammers are taking advantage to claim there is an ugrade to this program, provided one pays US$29.95.

This is a scam!

You can still download move maker 12 for free but you must go to the correct download sites and search for movie maker.

Do not go to or microsoft-movie.maker.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Walk around Singapore: Admiralty Park playground (Nov 2017)

Admiralty Park playground has been upgraded to include playing equipment for children with special needs. It has also the most numbers of slides, as well as longest roller slides and tube slides in Singapore public parks.

Take note that some of the equipment are meant for children only. If you use these equipment and injured yourself or damaged the equipment, you have to be responsible for your actions.

Swing for children with special needs

Double barrel slide with net climber

Family slides for up to 4 family members

Longest roller slides in Singapore public parks

Roller slides


Video: Closed circuit roller ride

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