Monday, 20 November 2017

3 stretching exercises to EASE your walking & lower back pain and aches

1. Piriformis syndrome

a) This is how you can stretch your piriformis muscle:

Grab your left knee with your left hand.
Grab your left ankle with your right hand.
Pull your left knee toward your right shoulder.
Pull your left ankle also towards your right shoulder.



b)  Dr Alan Mandell's method

2) Pelvic Imbalance and Uneven Hips

a) Dr Allan Mandell's method


b) Do the Lajin

3)  Standing back bend for lower back pain

This stretch is good when you have aches at your lower back. Do it whenever
1. you get out of bed every morning
2. whenever you feel your back is aching
3. when you sit or squat too long

Japanese believe stretching backwards exercises benefit your body physically and mentally, extending your life span.  Read more about backwards stretching exercises here.

My 2 cents:
We have been walking since we started to learn how to walk, causing our legs and backsides muscles and tendons to get inflamed and tightened, causing pain. So, no matter how fit you are, these pains will still be there.

80% of leg/foot pain and aches are actually due to a weakened lower back. 20% are due to injuries. If you go to a medical professional for leg/foot pain and never seems to work, it means that doctor is treating you in the wrong place.

I have been doing all these exercises almost everyday to make my aches and pain less. So I hope you will also do some sort of stretching to make yourself more mobile.

This is the most convenient way of stretching when you are sitting down. You can do it in the office, on board MRT and almost everywhere. Complement with the stretching exercises as shown above.

Cross your leg and bend.

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