Friday, 15 December 2017

Boy in China loses sight in eye after playing with desiccant dry pack

Desiccant packs, which are usually made up of silica gel grains, absorb water and are used to help food remain dry.

The accident happened when after finishing his snack, the boy, Keke, saw a small bag (desiccant dry pack) inside the snack box and took it out. He put the small bag (desiccant dry pack) into a drink bottle that contained  his beverage, after which the bottle exploded.

According to a doctor, Keke's right eye had been dissolved by alkaline liquid erosion, resulting in permanent blindness in that eye.

Lesson to be learnt:
Parents must remember to remove any desiccant packs found in any snack boxes just in case they cause problems to your kids. They may be harmless, but can be dangerous if mixed with wrong liquid.


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