Monday, 16 January 2017

ActiveSG launches outdoor adventure club for all

Starting March, students and their families can pick up outdoor skills such as orienteering, hiking and kayaking at the ActiveSG Outdoor Adventure Club.

Launched on Saturday (Jan 14), the club is the first non-traditional sports club or academy by ActiveSG, the national movement for sport and physical activity, which launched four academies and clubs last year for football, athletics, basketball and tennis.

Unlike the existing four clubs, the Outdoor Adventure Club does not predominantly target children. It also offers activities for youths, adults and seniors. One can cycle, kayak the next week, or hike the following week as this is not a specialist programme.

Exceptional people: Locals speak out to right an injustice

Mr Mohamed Ayub Shaik Dawood and Mr Roslan Zainal became key witnesses in a retrial of Norwegian Arne Corneliussen who was originally sentenced to jail for assaulting Singaporean cabbie Chan Chuan Heng at Boat Quay.

Their testimony helped quash Mr Corneliussen's guilty plea and conviction midway through his jail term - a rare occurrence.

Chan was found guilty of providing false information with intent to cause a public servant to use his lawful power to injure another person.

He was also guilty of a second charge of voluntarily causing hurt to Mr Corneliussen.

Obituary: Creator of hanyu pinyin dies, aged 111

Mr Zhou Youguang, known as the father of hanyu pinyin for creating the system of Romanised Chinese writing that has become the international standard since its introduction about 60 years ago, died yesterday in Beijing, Chinese state media reported. He was 111.

Adopted by China in 1958, hanyu pinyin was designed not to replace the tens of thousands of traditional characters with which Chinese is written, but as an orthographic pry bar to afford passage into the labyrinthine world of those characters.

The system was adopted by the International Organisation for Standardisation in 1982 and by the United Nations in 1986.