Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Forum: Don't write off students' interest in a subject

I was saddened to read that schools in Singapore still decide whether students are good enough to take up any subject based solely on their marks, disregarding their interest in the subject ("'How can 97 marks be not good enough?'"; Jan 14).

This practice would have a lasting effect on the student's future.

Many years ago, my friend's son was interested in studying medicine.

He had to study biology in order to do this, but his secondary school refused to let him take the subject, saying he was not academically good enough.

It looked like his dream would be crushed.

Thankfully, his parents had the means to send him overseas, where he continued his secondary school studies.

He made it to medical school and is now a medical specialist.

My own school wrote me off when I told them I was going overseas to study, yet I came back with a postgraduate qualification.

I sincerely hope that schools today will be more accommodating and allow students to take any subject of their interest, and encourage them to do so.

Scoring good marks in exams should not be the focus in education; expanding interest is.

Lee Woon Kwang (Dr)


Take care of your feet

After on our feet for so many hours a day, they must be taken care of so that they are strong and do not change shape.

1. Massage your feet

The exercise will relax the muscles and improve circulation. You may use a tennis ball, a wooden roller or a plastic bottle. Either seated or standing, use your feet to roll any one of the above items.

2. Pick a towel

Your feet need exercises so that the bones can be strong. Use your toes to pick a towel for a few minutes a day.

image from

3. Trim your toenails

Cut your toenails as long toenails will crack or break which may cause fungus or bacteria to attack your feet causing athlete's feet or warts. More ever, less toenails will leave more space in your shoes for you feet.

4. Walk barefoot

Walk barefooted on soft or grass surfaces will help your bones to realign naturally.

Note: Diabetics should not walk barefooted in case of cutting your feet.