Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Fridges stocked with food in Tampines block to help boost kampung spirit

Mr Baey talking to a resident

Placed in the lift lobby of a block of flats, the fridges have been placed there for residents in the area to donate food to their needy neighbours.

The initiative by the Tampines North Citizens' Consultative Committee was launched at Block 441 on Saturday (Jan 21) by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and Grassroots Adviser to Tampines Grassroots Organisations.

"They are welcome to copy and steal this idea," Mr Baey quipped.

Forum: Equip students with basic labour law know-how for part-time jobs

Every year, many teenagers take up part-time jobs as they wait for their O- and N-level results.

Such experiences are important for the personal growth of these youngsters, many of whom have led a more sheltered life, compared to the older generation.

However, they may not know their rights under the Employment Act, and they may be too intimidated to question companies' human resource staff when presented with unfair contractual terms.

I hope that our schools can provide these students with some basic labour law know-how.

For instance, secondary schools can hold workshops with National Trades Union Congress representatives to brief students on their rights, such as entitlement to overtime pay and Central Provident Fund contributions.

This can be combined with some education in soft skills, such as negotiation and people management.

Chiam Sheng Shi


How chewing for longer helps you eat 30% less and improves your mouth's immune system

For the key to staying trim – even while enjoying your favourite meals – could be as simple as chewing your food more.

In an experiment, women who chewed every forkful of their pasta dish 35 times ate nearly 30 percent less than those who chewed just 15 times.

Dr Xand van Tulleken, who carried out the study, believes the chewing process could play a far more important role in weight loss than previously thought.


In another report, chewing food can improve the mouth's immune system and protect you against illness.