Sunday, 29 January 2017

Walk around Singapore: Istana open house (29-01-17)

Main entrance from Orchard Road

Large open field

Japanese style garden pond 

Golf course

Flowers, trees and animals form part of the Istana large nature garden

Istana main building, now open to public whenever there is open house

Old gates part of the history of the Istana

Lonely swan


Istana guard, popular for the special day

Istana guard, popular for the special day

Chinese Zodiac ‘fan Tai Sui’ in year 2017 - in Chinese

If your zodiac happened to conflict with Tai Sui in a particular year, it will bring you misfortunes and bad luck. In year 2017, the afflicted zodiac signs are:

  1. Rooster
  2. Rabbit
  3. Rat 
  4. Dog

Please go here to find what you should do and should not do if your zodiac is in conflict with Tai Sui.