Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Walk around Singapore: Tanjong Pagar (February 2017) - updated

After visiting my therapist, I went around the area and took some photos of the place with many old buildings converted to eateries and colorful houses or shops.

This area is not just a hangout place after work, surprising, it is full of wellness and medical shops too. From spas to TCM, dental and GPs to chiropractors, what you need for your health care can be found here but most have no subsidy from the government. Not to mention all those restaurants and small eateries and good cheap food at the public food centres.

Unlike Raffles Place, this financial centre in Singapore is full of activities where workers in trendy outfits can shop for food and other products to bring home after work or during lunchtime, just like ah sohs and ah pehs doing marketing in the heartlands, at Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Food centres

Maxwell food centre

Even though this food centre is in a financial centre, the cost of the food here is comparable to the heartland hawker centres, or maybe cheaper for some of the stalls. But the food sold here seems to be much better than normal hawker centres, according to food forums.

Amoy Street Food Centre

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre & Tanjong Pagar Plaza shops

This is a busy place as white collar workers, local residents and foreigners patronise the shops and food centre throughout the day

Old Buidings

Tras Street Heritage Centre

Craig Road

Duxton Hill old sign post

Duxton Hill

Neil Road

Neil Road

Jinrikisha Station - Neil Road / Tanjong Pagar Road

Jinrikisha Station

Singapore Conference Hall

Well-known Buildings / Places

Pinnacle @ Duxton

This famous HDB residential development is an international award winning project. Public may go up to the 50th floor skybridge to view Singapore for S$6/person. Limited to 200 people per day.

The Red Dot Traffic Building

This building will be restored to its original white when Law Ministry takes over from the Police this year.

Latest: Red Dot Traffic Building will be renamed Maxwell Chamber Suites after the renovation. The museum will be shifted to Marina Bay.

Even letter boxes are RED

URA Centre and Gallery

Want to know what are the latest projects for Singapore, this is the place to go

CPF board service centre is now at URA Centre East Wing

Coming soon

Prince Edward MRT station (old Singapore Polytechnic campus, now known as Bestway Building)

The place is now being prepared to be Prince Edward MRT station

Source: ST

Tanjong Pagar NEW Railway Station

This old place will remain closed until the new Cantonment MRT station is ready in a few years' time.

You may want to know the history of this place

Source: ST

Tanjong Pagar park

A place for the stressful workers to unwind, just above Tanjong Pagar MRT station.


The following are found at Everton Road

Commercial ad mural

Exceptional company: Courts Asia raised $518,000 for charity

Courts Asia employees, families and friends raised $518,000  for beneficiaries of Down Syndrome Association Singapore, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore and The Red Pencil (Singapore).

Some skins of fruits or veggie are not edible - in Chinese

Skins from the following food are best not eaten: persimmons, potatoes and sweet potatoes.