Saturday, 25 February 2017

Exceptional people: Foster parents

Foster parents Mr Ismail Atan, a crane operator, and Madam Zawiyah Wee Abdullah,  a housewife, could not bear the thought of neglected or abused children growing up without a family.

With four children of their own, they still have time to foster more than 20 children, including special needs children.


Exceptional people: Project to save horseshoe crabs wins green prize

Mr Chong, 18, and three of his schoolmates designed and manufactured a Horseshoe Crab Propagation System to save wild horseshoe crabs by breeding them in incubator before releasing them back to nature.

Last year, they submitted the project for the Sembcorp Marine Green Wave Environmental Care Competition, and yesterday took home the top prize in the junior college/ITE category.

The ITE team had already bred "hundreds" of horseshoe crabs in captivity, and most have been released back into the wild.

The team hopes to improve the system to increase the survival rate of the horseshoe crabs from 20 per cent to at least 50 per cent.