Friday, 10 March 2017

Dairy Foods That Are Naturally Low in Lactose

People with lactose intolerance often avoid eating dairy products.

This is usually because they are concerned that dairy may cause unwanted and potentially embarrassing side effects.

However, dairy foods are very nutritious, and not all of them are high in lactose, like:

1. Butter - final product is around 80% fat, as the liquid part of milk, which contains all the lactose, is removed during processing.

2. Hard Cheese - lactose in milk is found in the whey, a lot of it is removed when cheese is being made.

3. Probiotic Yogurt - most yogurts contain live bacteria that can help break down lactose, so you do not have as much to digest yourself.

4. Some Dairy Protein Powders

5. Kefir - Like yogurt, kefir grains contain live cultures of bacteria that help break down and digest the lactose in milk.

6. Heavy Cream


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