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Kidneys and TCM

TCM views the kidneys as the center of the body's yin and yang, the "congenital foundation," or the origin of life. In other words, the kidneys store the primordial yin and primordial yang (also called kidney yin and yang), which is the place where nutrients are stored and physiological functions take place.

Kidneys and parents
The person’s constitution, characteristics of the body and general health is strongly associated with the parents’ condition of health at the time of conception.

Kidneys and reproduction & development
The male and female sexual function, including the condition of the sperm and egg, is associated with the kidney function. People suffer infertility issues because their kidney yin & yang is in disorder or weak which affects the quality of their egg or sperm, which in turn may cause miscarriage.

The development of a child’s body (including, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, talking, listening) after birth is also strongly associated with the kidney function.

Kidneys and water
If someone is deficient in kidney qi or kidney yang, the body’s water metabolism will become sluggish and cause the body to suffer certain symptoms or diseases like swelling with heaviness & bloating, puffy knees and puffy legs, overweight or difficulty losing weight, tired or fatigued, puffy face (especially in the morning).

Bedwetting and looking pale, lack of energy, maybe falling behind in class or difficulties concentrating are some symptoms for children with weak kidney qi or yang.

Kidneys and bone, brain & marrow
If kidney qi or essence is deficient, the bone is not as strong as others. In other words, the bones are easily injured or broken.

One may also have joint pain, weakness in arms & legs, poor memory, lower back pain, frequent urination or early grey hair.

Kidneys and Ears
The health of the kidneys can reflect the health and functioning of the ears.

Kidneys and food
Food for kidney yang deficiency - fenugreek, chives
Food for kidney yin deficiency - wolfberry, Chinese yam

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