Thursday, 20 April 2017

New Woodlands Health Campus is future-ready

Source: the new paper
The 1,800-bed Woodlands Health Campus (WHC), which expects to open in 2022, will have an acute hospital and a community hospital sharing the same building from the start.

It will also house a nursing home and specialist clinics.

IMH helping transgender people with counselling

Social support sites for transgender:

The site,, has a range of information from how to change a person's sex on legal documents here, to national service policies for transgender women, and how to safely start on hormone therapy.

Support group for transgender men called Kopitiam Brothers. The group meets twice a month at a secret location disclosed only when interested parties send a private Facebook message to the organiser.


NKF to open seven new dialysis centres by 2020


HEAT STROKE risk for tattooed skin

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