Thursday, 27 April 2017

Forum: Be more gracious and stop reserving tables at hawker centres and libraries

The spat at a Toa Payoh hawker centre over the reservation of seats highlights the need to address this anti-social behaviour.

I have no issue when a person sits at a table and reserves it for his friends or family. But I do find it inconsiderate when tissue packs, name cards, umbrellas and other objects are used to "chope" a table.

Many years ago, stall owners were prohibited from "reserving" tables near their stalls for their customers. It was made clear that customers are free to sit where they like in a hawker centre .

It is time a similar rule is passed to stop customers from reserving tables too.

Tan Jiann Ching



Help! The 'choping' disease is spreading

There has been much talk about the "chope" culture at hawker centres.

It is clear this practice has to go, as it has now spread to other places, in particular, our public libraries.

It is hard to miss the notebooks, worksheets, pens and highlighters strewn messily on the table by absent individuals claiming the space. Sometimes, a jumper is tossed over the chair for good measure.

There needs to be a discussion on why this happens and why it should be discouraged.

I believe most of these seats are occupied by individuals who have left the library to run an errand, or by individuals reserving seats for their friends who have not arrived yet.

It is disappointing to watch people being denied a seat because of these "phantoms".

I do not begrudge the space to an individual who returns within 20 minutes. But it is selfish if the individual claims the seat then disappears for hours.

Can libraries do more to stop this?

Ang Zyn Yee (Ms)



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Caterpillar eats plastic

Mixing medicines and supplements could be harmful

An example is omega-3 fish oil, which is often marketed as heart-healthy, but could spell trouble for people on the blood thinner warfarin, a medication commonly used to prevent heart attacks, stroke and blood clots.

Warfarin is one of the most notorious medications known to interact with various supplements. It can interact with supplements such as omega-3 fish oils, ginkgo biloba, Vitamin K and St John’s Wort, leading to a potential risk of bleeding or clotting.

Other examples of dangerous medication-supplement interaction include calcium and iron supplements, which can lower absorption of certain antibiotics and potentially cause treatment of an infection to fail.

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Exceptional people: 101-year-old woman casually win gold in a 100 metre dash

101-year-old Man Kaur from Punjab, India, who won the women's 100-metre dash at the 2017 World Masters Games in New Zealand on Monday.

Kaur was the only competitor in the 100+ age category, completing the race in 74 seconds to take the gold medal.


Make the new you a better you

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