Thursday, 18 May 2017

Breast milk... the ‘accidental’ cure for cancer

Breast milk is being used to fight cancer after scientists accidentally discovered it contains a substance that kills tumour cells.

Trials in patients with bladder cancer have already yielded promising results and researchers believe the compound breast milk contains – nicknamed Hamlet – will also help tackle bowel cancer and cervical cancer.

They also say it homes in on cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed – so it has none of the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy.

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Is bottled water better than tap water?

Pros and Cons:
1. Costs 1,000 times more than tap water.
2. Chlorine concerns in tap water.
3. Bottled water with higher alkaline contents may have better benefits.
4. Fluoride levels may pose risks to children.
5. All mineral water marketed as artesian or untouched by humans is just a "marketing gimmick".
6. Plastic bottles bad for environment as it takes more than 1,000 years to biodegrade.


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