Friday, 19 May 2017

Easier for parents to be deputies to their special-needs child

The Government has tweaked forms and processes so parents can easily apply to become their special-needs child's deputy before the latter graduates from 4 schools, namely Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore, AWWA School, Eden School, Pathlight School and St Andrew's Autism School.

Under this Assisted Deputyship Application Programme, students about to graduate will have their mental capacity evaluated by school psychologists. Parents will then be invited for a deputyship briefing with pro-bono lawyers who can help them fill in forms and make court applications.

The entire process takes two to three months and will cost under $400. Without this programme, parents would have to pay $3,000 to $9,000 for legal fees, and a few hundred for a formal medical report.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development intends to roll this scheme out to another four Sped schools next year - Metta School, Grace Orchard School, Rainbow Centre Margaret Drive School and Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School.


Certain nuts may help ward off return of colon cancer

Eating certain kinds of tree nuts, such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, has been linked to a dramatically lower risk of colon cancer recurrence, researchers said Wednesday.

Some 19 percent of patients consumed two or more ounces of all types of nuts per week.

These nut-eaters saw a 42 percent lower chance of cancer recurrence -- and a 57 percent lower chance of death than patients who did not eat nuts after completion of their cancer treatment.

Peanuts and peanut butter -- the most commonly consumed nuts in the United States -- did not appear to have any significant effect.


Exceptional people: Pay-it-forward with's parking coupon stunt

Motorist.sgwalked from North Bridge Road to Lavender MRT Station, and placed parking coupons on vehicles with coupons that had expired. They gave out $120 worth of coupons. chief marketing officer Jake Ler, 29, told The New Paper: "We were inspired by many other kindness movements around the world, and we wanted to do one in Singapore to show that it is not hard to be kind to our fellow drivers."

The group will be honoured by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), as part of the Kindness Day SG 2017 Appreciation Dinner.


Exceptional company: Sentosa Golf Club raises S$200,000 for Arc Children's Centre, Assisi Hospice

Sentosa Golf Club (SGC) has raised S$200,000 for the beneficiaries of Arc Children’s Centre and Assisi Hospice in a landmark charity fundraising drive organised in conjunction with the opening of SGC’s New Tanjong Course.


Fund raising: Non-profit helps mum with starting trust fund for autistic son

Madam Esah Lim, 60, worries for her severely autistic son, Mr Ivan Lim, 27, especially about how he will cope without her.

She intends to start a trust account under the Special Needs Trust Company (SNTC) to help manage his finances after she dies. But the minimum sum of $5,000 needed to start the trust weighed on her mind.

A meeting with two case managers from non-profit organisation Ray of Hope Initiative (ROHI) has helped her take her first steps towards seeding the trust with an online crowdfunding campaign.

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Fund raising: T-shirt campaign to help migrant workers learning English

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