Friday, 2 June 2017

Exceptional people: Stroke could have killed Grab driver, had Farrer Park Hospital staff not stepped in

Farrer Park Hospital staff helping the stroke driver

A man who suffered a stroke while driving could have met a fatal end if not for quick intervention by emergency personnel from the nearby Farrer Park Hospital, said the doctor and nurses involved.

The emergency personnel rushed down to the scene with medical equipment within five minutes, the hospital said, after Staff Nurse (SN) Mocsoy activated Code Pink.

"I knew that the SCDF ambulance would take some time to arrive, but the man needed immediate medical attention," SN Mocsoy said, adding that time was of the essence.


Exceptional company: Cab firm goes extra mile for autistic boy

My seven-year-old son Jenson has autism and sensory issues, which cause him to constantly seek sensory input, such as touching a certain texture.

I noticed that Jenson would stare at a Comfort cab whenever he saw one, although I did not know why.

A few months ago, I met Mr Kho Joo Yong, who kindly allowed my son to play in his taxi. Jenson kept touching the cover of the headrest and refused to leave the taxi.

Mr Kho then decided to give the headrest cover to Jenson, and my son left the cab happy.

Jenson loved that piece of black cloth very much.

But as the months passed, it became worn out from multiple washings. I began to worry that Jenson would have a meltdown or be unable to sleep, with the cloth gone.

So, I began scrutinising Comfort cabs to see if I could find another headrest cover like that.

I also sought my neighbour Cecilia's help, as her father-in-law was a Comfort cab driver.

To our disappointment, we could not find another cover.

Knowing Jenson's condition, Cecilia wrote to ComfortDelGro for help. She was delighted when customer service officer Ivy Bai replied the next day, asking for my contact number.

Ms Bai called me and, before I could explain anything, immediately offered to mail me the headrest cover.

She warned me, however, that the old design was no longer being produced and that the new design was of a different material, though it was still black.

We received the new black cloth last week.

Even though it is different, Jenson accepted it. The smile on his face was priceless.

Words cannot express how touched I am by Mr Kho - who allowed Jenson to play in his cab and gave him the black cloth - and by Ms Bai - who believed our request was genuine and went the extra mile to send us the cloth.

Their kindness and compassion towards my son is such a great gift.

Tina Tan Bee Hoon


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Exceptional people: ‘Guardian angels’ watch over autistic teen in public

Attempts to send Sarah, who has moderate to severe autism, to the day activity centre at Choa Chu Kang Central proved to be harder than they thought, for she simply refused to go.

Noticing that Sarah’s regular haunt was Lot One shopping centre, Ms Peng, Sun-Dac’s executive director, and the centre’s staff members teamed up with employees at the mall’s retailers to ensure that she would not come to harm.

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