Monday, 5 June 2017

Exceptional people: Heave-ho! 10 passers-by move taxi off divider

About 10 passers-by took about 10 to help free a taxi that was stuck on a divider in Choa Chu Kang last Friday night.

The cab was successfully moved only after about 10 gathered to help. "They put a wooden plank under the wheel, as it was stuck over the divider," said Mr Stolte, an eyewitness.

A bus driver waited for the cab to be moved before continuing on its route.

"I thought it was really nice that more and more people came to help and eventually there were enough people to help move the taxi," said Mr Stolte. "Well done."


Video: See how a shirt is made from cotton

FYI, cotton is naturally produced by plants. They can be found in some of Singapore parks and gardens.

Kapok is the name of the cotton tree. The cotton pods will fall to the ground as the trees are very tall, just like durians falling from tall durian trees.

Circle of Care programme for pre-schools to include health screenings

The Circle of Care programme, piloted five years ago at two pre-schools, has shown how early and holistic intervention can change the outcomes for children from disadvantaged homes.

The scheme, which has since been extended to 10 pre-schools, brings together teachers, social workers and education therapists to identify the root causes of a child's difficulties and provide help on different fronts. It has resulted in higher school attendance rates and has seen the children improve their reading and numeracy skills.

Now, doctors and nurses from the National University Hospital (NUH) have joined the team of experts providing care for the children. They conduct medical screening for children at the pre-schools, which includes checking their vision and hearing, and whether they have proper nutrition.