Tuesday, 13 June 2017

National Dental Centre: Not fully sterilised dental instruments used on patients

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Dental instruments which were not fully sterilised may have been used on up to 72 patients at the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS).

NDCS said that the lapse was discovered on Jun 5, and efforts were made to recall 72 packs of the affected instruments from its specialist outpatient clinics on the second, fourth and sixth floors of the building.

Although the instruments had gone through the first two steps of sterilisation, which involves machine washing and thermal disinfection, they had not completed the final step of steam sterilisation.

It added that it is reaching out to all 714 patients who visited the clinics on Jun 5 and 6.

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Worrying figures of tooth decay among pre-schoolers in Singapore

Paediatric dentists said parents often assume that baby teeth are not permanent and so do not require as much care.

In fact, at least half of Singapore's pre-schoolers - children aged six and below - have tooth decay, said paediatric dentist Badrun Nafis from Thomson Paediatric Centre (Katong).

Worse, 38.4 per cent of the pre-school population have severe early childhood decay, he said.

Dentists say parents should take their children to a dentist by the age of one and use the right fluoridated toothpaste. Children should also not be allowed to fall asleep with a bottle containing sweet liquids such as formula milk and juice. Breast milk and fresh milk have weak sugars and do not often cause cavities.

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S$180m in Medisave top-ups to be disbursed to Pioneer Generation this year

About S$180 million in Medisave top-ups will be disbursed to eligible seniors this year, as part of the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Monday (Jun 12).

In a media release, MOF said seniors will receive letters informing them of their Pioneer Generation Medisave top-ups for this year in the coming week. Those eligible will receive between S$200 and S$800, depending on the year of their birth.

MOF said the Pioneer Generation Medisave top-ups are in addition to the Medisave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above in 2017 under the GST Voucher Scheme. Both are permanent schemes disbursed yearly in July and August, respectively, MOF said.

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Why we must eat more bitter food and herbs

“One of the most neglected concepts in Western health and nutritional theory is that of balance. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, heavily emphasizes balance when it comes to diet and strives to maintain that over all else. The human body is wired to maintain balance over all else. Imbalances, especially in diet, always cause over compensation in the opposite direction in order to maintain the yin/yang balance that keeps the body in homeostasis. That is why dietary changes are best implemented slowly, so that the body is not thrown into a state of shock and can adjust accordingly.

“In terms of dietary balance, most Westerners severely neglect the bitter flavor/taste element in favor of more appealing and ‘friendly’ choices like sweet or salty. However, this is inherently problematic as the bitter flavor is an essential component of maintaining balance and health. Bitter foods and herbs have many important functions in the body, specifically in regards to the liver, detoxification and digestion – is it not a coincidence that these areas of health are some of the most problematic for Westerners? In fact, ask any acupuncturist which disorder (read: imbalance) is most commonly seen in their practice and they will happily tell you it is liver qi stagnation, which is treated with bitter herbs and foods, among other things.

It’s understandable that people avoid bitter foods as they can be somewhat unpleasant, however, there are many time tested, delicious ways to integrate bitter foods into common recipes. What’s more is that bitter foods usually make you feel great — especially those that directly affect the liver. A few seconds of a bitter taste is very little to go through in exchange for drastically improves health if you ask me…”

– Truth The Brilliance of Bitter By Marc David | Psychology of Eating

Ref: http://blog.naturessunshine.com/en/5-reasons-why-you-should-eat-bitter-foods-and-herbs/

New device could help save more cardiac arrest victims

A new device, the size of a credit card and slightly thicker, is the latest tool that could improve the efforts of the public in saving the lives of cardiac arrest victims before an ambulance arrives.

The battery-operated device is placed on the victim’s chest before CPR commences. It allows users to see if the chest compressions they are giving are deep and fast enough to keep the victim’s blood flowing.

About 4,000 CPRcards have been given out since late last year to those who participated in Disaster Assisted First Responder training that included the use of the device.


Exceptional people: Family gives back to Alma mater

(From left) Mr Keith Tay and Mr Joseph Zen Tay and his wife Valencis Lo.ST PHOTO
Mr Tay has not forgotten his Alma mater and still gives back to the school. While it is not uncommon for alumni to do so, what is unusually is that he is doing so together with his family.

He is one of five NYP graduates in his immediate family, including his wife, Ms Valencis Lo, 35, his brother, Mr Keith Tay, 33, and another brother Jed Tay, 27, along with his wife, Ms Ang Sheng Min, 24.

All of them graduated from the School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) in NYP, and all except for Ms Ang had entered the poly through the Special Admissions Programme.

Now all of them are paying it forward by offering internships to NYP students and mentoring them.

Ref: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/family-gives-back-to-alma-mater