Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Singapore at risk of becoming fat nation

If nothing is done, Singapore could hit obesity rates of 15% in just seven years, said Dr Annie Ling, HPB's director of policy, research and surveillance.

That was the point at which obesity increased rapidly in the United States, where it is now considered an epidemic.

Obese people are at higher risk of developing health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Today, the average Singaporean is heavier and more likely to overeat.

Even children here are putting on weight and, unsurprisingly, the biggest weight gain occurs when people start work.


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Half of Singapore’s elderly found to be frail, mostly due to malnutrition

A study spanning 14 years and counting has found that half of the elderly here are frail — especially the low-income, and those who are single, divorced or widowed — due to factors including malnutrition, lack of exercise and having chronic diseases.

“There is much that older people can do for themselves to avoid becoming frail and disabled, so it is vital that they pay attention to a good-quality diet and nutrition, engage in physical exercise, and participate in socially and cognitively stimulating activities,” said Associate Professor Ng Tze Pin, who is the lead researcher.

At the same time, voluntary welfare organisations and healthcare providers should also work together and roll out programmes for the elderly to have more nutritious meals, or do strength-building exercises such as tai chi or squats.


Exceptional people: Students help paint homes in time for Hari Raya

41 student leaders from Clementi Town Secondary School helped to paint the homes of five underprivileged Muslim households in the Bukit Batok East constituency yesterday as part of a youth-driven community service project by the People's Association.

Student council president Quek Xin Hui, 14, who painted a unit in Block 240, said: "This is a great platform for us to understand that there are underprivileged people around us, and we should use such community work to help them."


Could this explain why Wayne Rooney, Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa are so good at scoring goals?

Premier League footballers have superior EYESIGHT.

The findings show they are much faster at changing their gaze between objects that are close and a long way off - known as 'near-far quickness'.

They also have sharper vision and can pick up things against a background - such as a crowd - easier, British experts said.

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