Saturday, 24 June 2017

Australian senator breastfeeds while debating a motion, making history

Australian senator Larissa Waters feed her baby in the most perfect way, breastfeeding her not only in the chamber, but while she was passing a motion.

People on social media have praised the senator for “making history,” being “inspiring,” and “normalizing women’s bodies.”

Exceptional people: Singapore darts veteran Paul Lim back to winning ways

Veteran player Paul Lim added yet another achievement to his long and illustrious professional career when he won Stage 2 of the Soft Darts World Championship — The World in La Rochelle, France.

The 63-year-old emerged champion from a field of 157 competitors when he defeated Belgium’s Francis Emonts in the final.

Paul’s latest triumph means that he has risen to the top of The World rankings, overtaking Stage 1 winner Alex Reyes of the United States, with four more stages left to go.


Dangerous toy - handheld crossbow

Handheld crossbows that can fire out needles and nails are the latest must-have toy in China, but anxious parents want them banned before a young child gets blinded or worse.

Each crossbow can be bought online for as little as 7 yuan or S$1.40, was originally meant to fire toothpicks.

Technology: The real reason we are ‘drowning in oil'

If you are hoping to see oil climbs to US$100 per barrel again, the day may not come.

Advances in technology have contributed to higher production rates in the U.S. as demand world-wide may increasingly suffer from the use of alternative energy sources.

Alternative energy sources like electric battery, hydro-dam, solar and wind.

electric car

electric bicycle

electric motor bike


wind and solar energy

leg power, cycling to work


New Zika cluster at Kensington Park Drive

Two new cases of locally transmitted Zika have been confirmed at Kensington Park Drive at Serangoon Gardens, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Wednesday (Jun 21). Both cases involve residents in the vicinity.

"Residents and stakeholders are urged to maintain vigilance and continue to eliminate mosquito breeding habitats, as there could be asymptomatic or mild, undiagnosed cases which might result in further transmission of the virus if there are mosquitoes in the vicinity," NEA said.