Thursday, 6 July 2017

Just why is green tea so good for you?

It can help to burn fat.

It can help speed up the metabolic rate because its antioxidant effect helps the liver to function more efficiently.

A recent U.S. study of overweight men found that, with no other changes to their diet or exercise regimes, drinking green tea three times a day burned up 200 extra calories a day.

The green tea drinkers also found that their energy levels were greatly increased.


1) Green tea is considered 'cooling' in TCM, which may cause pain & aches all over your body, especially for the seniors. So, moderate your drinking if you feel pain & aches.
2) Use tea leaves to make tea. If using green tea powder, please DO NOT use too much powder as it may cause more harm than benefits.

APPLES hold the key to healthier gut bacteria

Apples have the highest antioxidant content of Australia’s most popular fruits.

Regularly eating apples can lead to healthier gut bacteria.

'It is believed eating apples results in positive changes to gut bacteria (or microbiota),' Dr McMillan said.

'While the exact health effects of this are not yet known, the gut microbiome (the genes of the microbiota) are now understood to play an important role in maintaining good health and preventing disease.'


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Technology: No more oil fuel cars for Volvo

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Volvo announced today that all new models it launches from 2019 will be fully electric or hybrid.

It is unquestionably the biggest commitment made by a mainstream vehicle manufacturer to completely shift away from traditional diesel and petrol cars.

The Gothenburg-based brand said it will continue to produce pure combustion-engine Volvos from models launched before that date, but promised five new electric and hybrid vehicles between 2019 and 2021.

Another case of why oil price will not go back to US$100.