Saturday, 8 July 2017

Exceptional people: Ex-teacher plans trip across four continents and 50 countries on skateboard

It usually takes four hours to get from Singapore to Hong Kong. Former teacher Adrian Oh, however, took four months.

That is because he swopped an airplane for a skateboard, travelling at a leisurely pace through Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China on his way. He will also travel through countries such as the Netherlands - where he is, currently - Belgium, France, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Turkey and Iran.

It is little more than a warm-up for the special needs educator, who plans to skateboard 30,000km across four continents and at least 50 countries. His trip will take him two years.


Singapore kids get fit - with help from personal trainers - video


Acupressure points for headache (4) - in Chinese

3D pedestrian crossings - pictures

3D pedestrian crossings have been found to be effective in letting pedestrians cross the roads without the aid of traffic lights as they amplify the zebra crossing lines and drivers can see them from afar.

China has been using such crossings for many years in slowing down traffic. Here are some 3D pedestrian crossings from the net.

in India

in Terengganu, Malaysia

in Thailand

Astonishing moment a ROBOT 'saves a girl from being crushed - video

Manufacturers claim Promobot moved forward and raised its arm to stop shelves toppling onto child 'despite NOT being programmed to do that'.

But the robot's owner said the girl's saviour was a 'pure coincidence' as it is equipped with a 'mirror mode' which enables it to emulate human action, or in other words, capable of learning for itself or AI.

Well, many viewers claimed this is fake. So what say you?

I say this is a case of BAD PARENTING.

News: A&W confirms Singapore return

After leaving Singapore more than 10 years ago, A&W – which stands for “Allen and Wright” – confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore on Tuesday (4 July) that the company is on track to expand in Southeast Asia, including in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

“We are on track to open 30 to 40 new restaurants a year between these four countries,” said A&W CEO Kevin Bazner over email, who added that A&W has already built an office in Singapore in 2016 to prepare for this expansion and is currently looking for “real estate for a flagship company restaurant in Singapore”.

A&W outlets in Singapore will be Halal-certified.