Friday, 28 July 2017

Murdered New York cop's baby born more than 2 years after his death

New York police detective WenJian Liu was ambushed and killed two and a half years ago in a murder that shocked the city. This week, his widow gave birth to his baby daughter.

Angelina was born Tuesday at Weill Cornell Hospital. Her mother, Sanny Liu, asked doctors to freeze her husband's sperm the night he died so that she could one day fulfil their dream of having children.

The night after his death, Sanny dreamt that he handed her a baby girl, police said. She got pregnant through in-vitro fertilization.


Forum: It's basic courtesy to give way to emergency vehicles

Every few days while I am on my way to work on the Central Expressway, I will witness the frustrating and selfish acts of fellow motorists when they encounter an emergency vehicle.

Behaviour that I have seen includes speeding up rather than changing lanes to give way to the emergency vehicle; signalling but making no attempt to change lanes promptly; and refusing to give way to other motorists who are giving way to emergency vehicles.

I don't think this needs a public education campaign - it's basic common sense and public spiritedness.

In medical emergencies, a few minutes could make the difference between life and death.

I urge the authorities to grant ambulance drivers the right to capture on their ambulance cameras errant motorists who hog lanes or refuse to give way .

These motorists should be taken to task.

Dr Kalaiyarasi Kaliyaperumal


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Playing football boosts bone development in teenage boys

Playing football can improve bone development in adolescent boys, new research has found.

Even compared to swimming and cycling, kicking a ball around led to 'significantly better bones' after one year of training.

Adolescence is the key period for bone growth – poor development at this age is linked to reduced peak bone mass. This increases risks of developing fractures and osteoporosis later in life.

Our skeleton matures around age 30.


Exceptional people: From school dropout to one of ITE's top adult learners

Studying was the least of his priorities as he dropped out of school at age 11 - until he got married in 2013 and started a family.

Now 36, he is graduating from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) with a Higher Nitec in Services - Logistics for International Trade. He is also one of ITE's top adult learners with a grade point average of 3.8 out of 4.

"I didn't have any formal qualifications... it wasn't easy to progress at work," said Mr Rizal, who works in logistics. "What pushed me was preparing for marriage and the arrival of my first son, which all needed money."

Mr Rizal, now a warehouse specialist, is earning 70 to 80% more than what he used to before gaining his ITE qualification.

He is now considering taking up a diploma in the same field at Ngee Ann Polytechnic or a private institution next year.


Exceptional people: From ITE to be top NTU graduates

Mr Hoong Seng Keng (right) and Mr Amos Goh, both from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering course in NTU, have secured jobs with Micron Technology and ST Electronics respectively. Image: todayonline

One student was doing so badly in his studies that he was rejected by a tuition centre, while another was prepared to drop out of school if he continued to do poorly.

But IT'S not THE END for Mr Hoong Seng Keng and Mr Amos Goh, both 27.

Defying expectations, these two former Institute of Technical Education (ITE) students are graduating with First Class Honours from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) this year

Mr Hoong said: “Whatever you did wrong in the past, you can’t change it. So aim high and don’t look back.”


News: Amazon Prime Now in Singapore

Amazon launched its Prime Now service in Singapore, making its app available via iTunes and Google Play stores.

A quick check showed that the range of Amazon products was limited compared to what was available in other countries. This may due to testing of the system for stability and reliability before more products are added.

Customers in Singapore are given two delivery options. A two-hour delivery service will be free for customers who place orders above S$40. If customers do not meet the minimum order, they can pay S$5.99 for the two-hour delivery option, or S$9.99 for the speedier one-hour delivery option.

Should the delivery arrive later than stated, customers can reject the order. If there are missing products in the delivery, Amazon will refund the customers for the missing items, said Mr Henry Low, director of Prime Now Asia Pacific.


Zika cluster reported at Serangoon North Avenue 1

Three cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection have been confirmed at Serangoon North Avenue 1, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Wednesday (Jul 26).

All three cases are residents in the area, it added.

NEA said it was notified of the cluster on Wednesday and has started vector control operations and outreach efforts at the cluster area.