Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Some batches of Ribena recalled in Malaysia and Singapore - updated

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Japanese beverage company Suntory has issued a recall for some of its Ribena cordial drinks in Malaysia and Singapore.

In a press release on Friday (Aug 11), Suntory's regional general manager for Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore Lee Hon Tong said: "We wish to announce that during a routine quality check in our factory, we found one error in our manufacturing process."

The company discovered a faulty bottling machine which allowed air to enter random bottles which may spoil before the stated expiry date.

The Ribena brands being recalled have the following expiring dates:
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant (May until August 2018)*
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Glucose (May until August 2018)*
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Strawberry (February until March 2018)* 
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Blueberry (February until March 2018)
  • Ribena Cordial Blackcurrant and Apple (April until May 2018)* 
In Singapore, the recall (*) has been completed, said AVA.

For enquiries, consumers may contact the Ribena consumer hotline at 1800-645-9551, or email marketing.sg@suntory.com.

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Exceptional people: 2 NSFs lauded for helping injured motorcyclist at Mandai Road

Image: Singapore Army facebook

Two full-time national servicemen were commended by the Singapore Army for "contributing beyond (their) call of duty" after they provided aid to a motorcyclist injured in an accident.

Second Lieutenant Tan Hae San, an instructor from the Artillery Institute, and Lance Corporal Chung Jing Kai, a combat medic from Khatib Medical Centre, were on their way back to Khatib Camp after an exercise when they noticed that an accident had occurred along Mandai Road.

Facebook user Mohamed Klazick, who said he witnessed the good deed at 11.20pm on Saturday, wrote on his page that the "two soldiers tried their very best ... to keep the injured rider safe with the best of their knowledge and came out of their line of duty to render assistance (sic)".

Ref: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/2-nsfs-lauded-for-helping-injured-motorcyclist-at-mandai-road-9119540

TCM and hair thinning - in Chinese

Bulletproof coffee

Image: bodynutrition.org

Bulletproof coffee, which has high-profile fans in Hollywood, Silicon Valley and in the sporting world, is one of the latest beverage trends to catch on here.

Popular with health nuts, it is simply black coffee with a knob of unsalted butter - similar to the kopi gu you (butter coffee) we have here - laced with a special ingredient: medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

Bulletproof coffee is said to increase metabolism both in the body and the brain, thanks to the MCT oils.

Found in largest quantities in coconut oil - up to 60 per cent - MCTs can also be found in palm kernel oil, breast milk, cow and goat milk, said Dr Daniel Wai, an endocrinologist in private practice.

Ref: http://www.tnp.sg/lifestyle/health/more-grounds-drink-coffee

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Technology: Compact electric skateboard made in Singapore

An e-skateboard made by Singaporeans called Arc Board, is compact and light for the first and last mile travel. The weight and size of the board meant one cannot travel too fast or too far on the board. But fret not. The Arc Board has a bigger brother.

Called the 121c Arc Aileron, this pure-carbon skateboard is now ready for pre-order.

Check out the boards at https://www.arcboardsev.com/

Ref: http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/feature-hands-arc-board-compact-electric-skateboard-s-made-singapore