Saturday, 19 August 2017

Launch of Singapore’s first donor human milk bank programme

Image from Yahoo News Singapore

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and Temasek Foundation Cares announced yesterday of the launch of Singapore's first donor human milk back programme. This would be a three-year  programme, which aims to provide a ready supply of safe, pasteurised human breast milk.

The three-year pilot project aims to benefit 900 babies by recruiting around 375 mothers who are willing to donate their excess supply of breast milk.

“Mothers can be assured that should the need arises, there is now a safe source of human milk for their pre-term babies,” said Madam Halimah Yacob, who launched the programme.


Exceptional people: Man with cerebral palsy types with his toe to complete his book

For three to four hours every night, Mr Wesley Wee would type laboriously on his iPad with his right big toe. It took him five years, but Mr Wee has now completed a book, Finding Happiness Against The Odds.

Born with cerebral palsy, the 38-year-old cannot control movement in his limbs.

The self-published 68-page book traces his struggles with cerebral palsy as a child, his suicidal tendencies and how he turned his life around and got married.

It will be launched next Wednesday at the Google office. Orders for the book, which costs $20, can be placed online.


Exceptional people: Jason Chee, medal-winning para-athlete, loses right eye to cancer

Image: MediaCorp
In 2012, navy man Jason Chee lost his left arm and both legs in a horrendous ship accident. Now, he has lost his right eye to cancer.

He was not daunted by the prospect of being blind in one eye either. "I'm only left with my right arm. Now, I'm only left with my left eye," he added. "You only live once, so I live life to the fullest and be happy day by day."

He still hopes to represent Singapore at the ASEAN Para Games.


Obituary: Bowling icon Henry Tan dies

Former national kegler and coach Henry Tan died of heart failure at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 17 August morning, aged 73.

Tan won silver medals at the World Cup in 1970 and in the men's doubles event at the 1975 FIQ World Championships, where he also set a then-world record high game of 298.

He became Singapore's national coach from 2006 to 2014 and was mentor to most of Singapore national bowlers, past and present.


All SBS Transit bus services will be wheelchair-friendly by August

All SBS Transit bus services will be wheelchair-friendly from Aug 21, the transport operator announced in a press release.

SBS Transit chief executive officer Gan Juay Kiat said in the press release that the company was "committed to making public transport inclusive for our commuters including those on wheelchairs".

"It will open up more destination options for them and they will find it easier, more convenient and affordable to get around on public transport, be it to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, parks, places of interest ... in fact, anywhere that is served by public buses."


Procrastination: Better now than later

Stop missing your deadlines with these quick tips on how to nip procrastination in the bud.

Change your mindset
The first step lies in understanding that the task still has to be completed, so it is better to finish it sooner and have some time to relax, rather than rush out a poorly executed job.

Put things into perspective
If you feel daunted by the task, ask yourself if it is insurmountable or if you are allowing your fears to get the better of you.

Just do it
Put your reservations aside and get started. You can figure out how to circumvent the roadblocks along the way once you get the ball rolling.

Start with the hardest task
Worry and fear are at the root of procrastination. So the best way to stop procrastinating when handling a complicated project or challenging task is to start with the most difficult part of the job first.

Break the task up
Compartmentalise the task into smaller, more manageable chunks. Every time you complete a portion of the task, you are one step closer to finishing the job.

Reward yourself
Stay motivated by giving yourself a treat after you complete part of a task.

Set a timeline
By committing to finish the project by a certain time, you can gauge your progress more accurately.

Ref: the new paper, 18 August 2017