Friday, 1 September 2017

Get discounts, free food top-ups with Bring Your Own receptacles at 220 shops

Bring your own receptacle - image source: todayonline
The new Bring Your Own (BYO) Singapore campaign, which kicks off on Friday (Sept 1), will see 14 retailers like supermarkets, cafes and food outlets, operating more than 220 shops, offering consumers incentives like discounts and free food add-ons for using their own reusable bags, bottles or containers when they shop or dine, in a bid to reduce plastic usage.

Launched on Thursday by non-governmental organisation Zero Waste SG in partnership with the labour movement’s youth wing Young NTUC, office-equipment company Ricoh Asia Pacific and the National Environment Agency (NEA), the campaign aims to cut the use of disposables by one million pieces this year.

The campaign will run till year's end.

Forum: Poor show by emergency services

Taxi on fire in KPE tunnel. Image source:tnp
 I was one of the motorists caught in the jam in the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel when a taxi caught fire on Tuesday evening (Fire in KPE tunnel leads to evacuation; Aug 30).

I was driving towards the Tampines Expressway when the public broadcast system, both on the radio and in the tunnel, asked motorists to abandon our vehicles immediately and to rush for the nearest exit.

Panic-stricken people scrambled to get to the exits while some parents struggled with their young children as they tried to avoid speeding cars to get across to the other side of the highway.

There were no police officers to control the traffic. I had to pull back a young girl from being hit by a vehicle as her father struggled with his three other children.

After several attempts, I finally managed to get through the police 999 hotline for assistance and to check if it was a drill or a real threat.

The officers were clueless, and it was only about 10 minutes later that they got back to me to say that a car had caught fire and drivers on the KPE had to leave the tunnel immediately for their own safety.

There was poor communication by the authorities - poor performance by the emergency services, and the police hotline was difficult to get through and police were unaware of the incident.

Had this been a more serious incident, the outcome could have been disastrous. The emergency services looked like they were not equipped to handle an emergency.

This is not the first time a vehicle has caught fire in an expressway tunnel. I would think the emergency services would have the experience to manage such a situation effectively.

Sattar Bawany


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KPE taxi fire: 2 hailed as 'heroes' for putting out flames

Mr Fuad Aziz (foreground) and Mr Syed Abidillah Zain Alhabshee put out a taxi fire at the KPE tunnel on Aug 29, 2017. (Photo: Facebook/
A taxi fire that broke out in the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) tunnel on Tuesday evening (Aug 29) could have been worse, had it not been for two experienced emergency responders who happened to be on the scene.

Mr Syed Abdillah Zain Alhabshee and his friend Fuad Aziz looked for a fire extinguisher or a hose to douse the fire. The pair grabbed the nearest hose they could find and aimed the water jet at the flames.

Another motorist, as well as a group of about seven Gurkha soldiers stopped to help as well, Mr Syed Abdillah said. He asked the soldiers to help lay out the hose so that the water would flow smoothly.


Exceptional people: Sentosa Cove rescuers get SCDF awards

(From left) Mr Ang Chee Boon, Ms Lei Zhi Ping, Mr David Roberts, Mr Nicolich Boby Noman, Mr Leojan Banzuela and Mr Mohamad Hasri Mohamad Noor.TNP PHOTO: WENDY LIM
Six people received awards from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for their efforts in the rescue of the driver of a car that plunged into the water at Sentosa Cove.

Unfortunately, the driver was arrested by police for a rash act causing hurt and for criminal trespass.

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