Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Walk around Singapore: Sentosa Sandsation - Sept 2017

Sand Castles themed under Singlish

Kelong - match fixing

Old National Theatre

Jialat - difficult job, not worth the pay or deep shit. There is a hokkien saying: 5 cents is bigger than a bull cart wheel - meaning to criticise someone who thinks he is so rich that his money can buy anything, without considering the welfare of others.

Blur like sotong, gabra like zebra - totally clueless

Catch no ball - don't understand

Steady, pom pipi - Cool and steady

Kan cheong spider - always nervous

Eat snake - to skive

Cut queue - jump queue

Chope - reserve a seat

Kiasu - afraid to lose out 

Talk cock, sing song, play ping pong - Singaporeans getting together just to talk or do something unimportant to pass time

Tok Kong - damn big

Sand Castles by international builders

Tropical Splendor 

Broken heart front

Broken heart back

if cats got bigger....

Evolution front

Evolution back

thru' children's eyes


Fusing humans


Drive of illusion

Lion city

Smog city

Game over

Save our oceans