Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Exceptional company: Uber appointed ambassador for Singapore Association for the Deaf

A year after it rolled out its Beethoven programme, Uber Singapore's number of deaf driver-partners is 10 times what it was before, from 20 to 200.

Today marks the first day of the International Week of the Deaf, and Uber's first day as a newly-appointed Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) ambassador.

The programme introduced several deaf-friendly functions in the drivers' app, including flashing notifications and prompts to passengers about their driver and to enter their destination ahead of the ride.

These drivers' cars are fitted with small signs that teach riders basic sign language and gives them tips on interacting with the drivers.

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When you eat can affect your weight

Ref: http://www.tnp.sg/lifestyle/health/when-you-eat-could-affect-your-weight

Exceptional people: Three ‘silent heroes’ awarded for making a difference to society

Silent Heroes Award recipients Oh Siew May, Gemma Angela Fernandez and Atul Ramesh Deshpande after the ceremony at Shangri-La Hotel last night. They were lauded for their contributions to society.ST PHOTO
Three “silent heroes” quietly making a difference to society were recognised yesterday at the annual Silent Heroes Award ceremony, chosen from 38 nominees this year.

The ceremony, organised by the Hillview Civilians Sports Club, is in its fourth year.

Ms Oh Siew May, who gives inspirational speeches at schools despite having cerebral palsy.

Ms Gemma Angela Fernandez helped to buy groceries and furniture, refurbish a one-room rental flat for one of her patients and helped them to look for jobs.

Mr Atul Ramesh Deshpande, who provides free yoga training to improve people’s well-being.

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Running to support ex-offenders at Yellow Ribbon Prison Run

More than 7,000 people laced up their shoes in support of ex-offenders at the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run yesterday.

The event, in its ninth edition this year, saw two kinds of runs - the standard 10km run which is open to the public and a team run called Run for Second Chances, which debuted last year. Run for Second Chances was initially meant only for ex-offenders and their close supporters but, for the first time yesterday, it was open to the public as well.

According to a media release, this year's event, which took runners from Changi Village (start point) to Changi Prison Complex (end point), has raised over $123,500.

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