Thursday, 21 September 2017

Quote: All disease begins in the gut

Hippocrates made this statement over 2,000 years ago and it is still true today. Unfortunately, not many people, including doctors, follow this advice. But fortunately, more people are now coming to understand how right he was, as far as chronic diseases are concerned.


Video: How the food you eat affects your gut

I treated my GUT to cure my eczema

Journalist Vanessa Chalmers needed stronger steroid cream for her eczema, but her doctor would not give to her, telling her it is important to ween herself off the strong stuff.

She did. By changing her diet after reading a book The Good Skin Solution: Natural Healing for eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

What is her secret?

She swapped milk for kefir and bread for brown rice and the diet transformed her skin in just 7 days.

'The problems in your gut are mapped onto your skin. Creams alone will never work because you have to heal your gut first,' she said.

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Singapore tops Asia in preparing students for the future - in charts

Singapore's education system is the best in Asia in preparing students for the future, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)index.

Globally, Singapore ranks overall 5th.

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Doctor reveals the correct way to put on antiperspirant

You should not be applying antiperspirant in the morning at all.

Apply at night before going to bed to allow to dry fully. Leave on overnight and wash off any residue in the morning with soap and water.

Antiperspirants generally contain aluminium chloride.

Aluminium particles are taken up by cells in the sweat glands, causing them to swell and close up so they no longer release sweat.

Spray type of antiperspirant. [Image for illustration only]

Apply 2 strokes up and 2 strokes down to each armpit (for stick type). You should only need to do this once or twice a week for good quality antiperspirants.

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My 2 cents:
There are concerns that aluminium particles may cause Alzheimer's Disease or cancer as more aluminium are found in the brains of Alzheimer's Disease patients and more women are having breast cancer.

Researches done did not confirm the above concerns but that does not mean there is no link.  Heavy metals are present in food, in the air and man make products. So even if one does not use products containing heavy metals, one may still have cancer or Alzheimer's Disease. But using more man make products like antiperspirant will increase the sources and more heavy metals to be introduced into our bodies.

Video: How do bees make honey

My 2 cents:
I have been taking raw honey for the past few months. Raw honey is better than those clearer ones as it is not processed much, hence retains more nutrients.

Effects of eating honey:
  • I do not feel that tired these days. Even if I would take a nap, I could not sleep
  • My eyes are not that tired and dry anymore. I have since stopped taking eye supplement
  • Honey helps my digestion
  • Best of all, I lost some weight (hibernation diet), especially those areas that even exercising has no effect.