Saturday, 30 September 2017

Forum: Foreigners crucial to our long-term survival

Technology and creative solutions alone are inadequate to solve our labour crunch (Raise quality of workers, not headcount, by Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi; Sept 25).

We also need a calibrated influx of foreign workers and immigrants.

This is not just needed to fill up labour gaps; it is also badly needed for our long-term survival.

We can look at Japan, for example. Like Singapore, Japan's total fertility rate (TFR) has declined below the replacement level.

Over the decades, it has been trying all kinds of tactics to improve its TFR and attract more people to join the labour force by extending the retirement age, redesigning jobs and using all sorts of labour quality enhancements to raise productivity.

Yet, it has been unable to reverse its labour crunch.

The country has a social and political resistance to accepting foreigners. This poses a serious threat to its long-term survival.

One study shows that Japan needs an influx of around 200,000 foreigners per year just to prevent its population from declining further.

Can Singapore do better?

Our population ageing will only worsen.

It is projected that our citizen worker-retiree ratio will drop from 6.3 in 2011 to 2.1 in 2030.

This means working citizens will have to bear three times the tax burden in 2030 compared with 2011 or else the Government will have to cut its fiscal expenditure.

Personal disposable income and standard of living will decline.

Accepting more foreigners may be crucial to our long-term survival.

Albert Ng Ya Ken


Why Singapore weather is so hot nowadays


News: Coming in October - updated

1) Downtown Line 3

Various religious leaders blessing DTL 3 before the official opening. Image Mr Khaw Boon Wan's facebook.
Downtown Line 3 opens on 21 October 2017. Open house on 15-16 Oct at new DTL 3 stations. Free travel from 21-22 Oct on all DTL stations.

2) Changi Airport Terminal 4 opens 31 Oct 2017

3) Physical parking coupons to be replaced to replace parking coupons from 1st Oct, 2017
Checkout the video here.

4) New Tuas bus terminal to open on Oct 7

Image: LTA
The existing Tuas bus terminal will stop operating on Oct 7.

5) Nets will launch its own e-payment app, called NetsPay, in October

Image: Business Times

6) New Nokia 3310 3G to be available in Singapore from October

7)  Today will be digital only

8) Smoking ban extended to universities, private-hire cars from 1st October, 2017

9) Malaysia's last F1 after 19 years of racing

10) StarWorld becomes FoxLife

Health tip: How not to have too much sugar in your body and have good BMI

1) Remember the healthy plate by NHB

2) Eat less carb

We should eat less processed carbs like white rice, noodles and anything that is made from flour.

Do not eat the whole big bowl of rice. Eat the smaller bowl instead. Your stomach will then have space for some sweet desserts.

Do not eat the whole bowl of mee. Use the smaller bowl instead.

3) Eat more good fats. The good fats will replace the bad fats and get burnt faster.

Image for illustration only

4) Eat more food with protein. It will replace carbs in your body to be used as energy, as well as repair your damaged cells.

Image for illustration only
To save time, one can eat more food that has both good fats and full of protein. Example: Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts, etc), beans (soy), seeds (sunflower, chia seeds, etc), fish (salmon, cod, etc), dairy (egg, cheese, etc).

5) With less carbs in your body, you do not have to bother about counting calories. Morever, the insulin will not cause blood sugar spikes anymore.

6) Use natural sweeteners instead of processed sugar

Use natural sweeteners like raw honey (better than clear ones as it is processed less and hence has more nutrients), stevia leaves, maple syrup or sugar, coconut sugar, molasses (sugarcane).