Friday, 6 October 2017

For better mental health, follow your gut

The importance of the gut to physical health is well known. Now, an emerging field of research has found that the trillions of microorganisms living in the digestive tract, known as gut microbiota, can communicate with the brain too.

Tweaking this gut microbial balance through the use of a new class of probiotics known as psychobiotics, for instance, could tip it in favour of better mental health, some experts believe.

Psychobiotics are “a game changer” that could potentially provide new treatments for conditions such as depression, Parkinson’s disease and autism, said Professor Tsai Ying-Chieh of the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan at the Vitafoods Asia conference held here earlier this month.

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Boy on kick scooter hit by car

Image: facebook
A six-year-old boy was sent flying along Leedon Road on Tuesday afternoon after a car hit him while he was on his kick scooter.

The boy's mother had been riding on another scooter on the other side of the road.

The accident could be avoided if the parent had done a better supervision job, making sure the boy rode on the walkway instead of on the road.

Technology: Google's new Pixel ear buds come with real-time translation feature

Google introduced new Pixel ear buds that the company says are capable of real-time translation of conversations in 40 different languages.

A demonstration given as Google unveiled a host of new products infused with its digital "Assistant" smarts got people playfully referring to Pixel Buds as an Internet-age version of the alien "Babel Fish" depicted in famed science fiction work The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. In the book, inserting a Babel Fish in an ear enabled a person to understand anything spoken in any language.

Pixel Buds were priced at US$159 (S$217) and will be available in the US beginning in November.


More discounts as FairPrice launches brown rice campaign

NTUC FairPrice announced discounts on its house brand wholegrain rice products, the second time it has done so since PM Lee's National Day Rally call to promote healthy eating.

As part of a brown rice public education campaign, the supermarket chain is taking 10% off three products - FairPrice brown unpolished rice, red unpolished rice and Thai rice blend - until Oct 18.

Dedicated brown rice bays have also been installed at more than 30 FairPrice outlets islandwide to make the product more visible and prominent to shoppers. These will be progressively rolled out to all of its outlets, FairPrice said.

As part of the campaign, there will also be in-store collateral promoting the nutritional benefits of brown rice, as well as recipes that incorporate wholegrain rice.

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Scam warning: Singapore billionaire Peter Lim files police reports over online scams linked to him

Singaporean billionaire and Valencia football club owner Peter Lim has lodged two police reports over online scams using his name and photos.

Several Facebook accounts have claimed to be Lim’s but he does not have a Facebook or any other social media account, said a statement issued by his firm Kestrel Capital.

Another scam claimed that Lim endorsed investments in cryptocurrency.

Some people were known to have fallen prey to the above scams.

Members of the public are advised to protect themselves against false claims to avoid becoming potential scam victims and refrain from circulating such claims, warned Kestrel Capital.


Reasons why you should not buy illegal sex drugs

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While illicit sex drugs are cheap and readily available in Geylang, experts warn that taking them could do more harm than good.

At best, they might not do anything at all, leaving you high and dry. At worst, they could kill you. In 2008, 10 people died in Singapore after using such drugs, according to the Health Sciences Authority (HSA).

Here are five key reasons to steer clear of these products:

1. You have no idea what you are taking
2. You could get more than you bargained for as you do not know how the drugs will affect you
3. They could be completely ineffective
4. You have no clue how they are made
5. They might not solve your problem

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