Sunday, 8 October 2017

Mental health stigma

Exceptional company: A serving of duck rice, and compassion on the side

On Saturday (Oct 7), Kim San Leng Food Centre became the first-ever kopitiam (coffee shop) to have trained employees able to manage customers with dementia.

Launched in conjunction with the Bishan East-Thomson constituency, and supported by its Citizens' Consultative Committee, it builds on the Forget-Us-Not campaign started by philanthropic organisation Lien Foundation and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, to create a dementia-friendly community.


Why cleaning your home may make you sick

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) causes irreversible lung damage that can leave sufferers constantly breathless and dependent on supplementary oxygen. Smoking is the most common cause of COPD.

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The constant exposure to chemicals in household cleaning products may cause a decline in lung function similar to smoking.

Last year’s study by the University of Bergen on 5,000 professional cleaners found that these workers had 17 per cent greater loss in lung function than the average person. Even the person who does the cleaning at home had a 14 per cent greater decline in lung function.

Household cleaners contain ingredients which are highly irritant to both the skin and respiratory system include bleach, ammonia and variants such as quaternary ammonia compounds, which are sometimes known as quats, as well as a family of chemicals called isothiazolinones that can be found in polishes, fabric softeners, detergents and even in products labelled as suitable for sensitive skins.

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Scam: Mediacorp actresses Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan may take action over fake skincare endorsements

Mediacorp actresses Zoe Tay and Aileen Tan are considering "further recourse" over online articles falsely claiming that they were endorsing a skincare product, their managers said.

The product in question is called Auralei Anti-Aging Cream.

"As their managers, we wish to clarify that Zoe and Aileen do not endorse this product nor have they given interviews relating to this product," said The Celebrity Agency in a statement.

The public is advised not to fall prey into the scam by buying the said products.

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Keep job burnout at bay

If you are constantly under immense work pressure, take action to prevent yourself from a job burnout.

Acknowledge the issue
Do not sweep the problem under the carpet and wait for it to go away.

Take concrete steps to resolve the issue.

Re-evaluate your current work practices and workload. If you cannot manage your workload well, it is unlikely you can sustain producing good quality work.

Think of long-term solutions and apply them, rather than short-term quick fixes.

Set aside time for relaxation

Give yourself permission to take a break from work.

Set appropriate boundaries and refrain from checking e-mails or answering calls during those periods. For example, Sunday can be a time to rest and recharge.

Have an active non-work life. Keeping to a regular exercise routine helps to release the physical tension and stiffness accumulated from sitting at your desk for long hours.

Being part of interest or hobby groups can help to take your mind off work and leave you feeling more recharged.

Increase your work productivity
Drop unnecessary tasks to give additional attention to more important ones.

Be organised. Put aside 10 minutes to 15 minutes at the start of each workday to plan your day and week ahead.

With competing deadlines and rapidly changing priorities, list all the tasks you have to complete and highlight those that are more urgent or important. Often, job stress is related to time - having to accomplish something within a specific time limit.

As mornings are usually when you are the most well-rested and alert, attend to urgent or important priorities first, although they may not be the most enjoyable or simplest of tasks.

During the course of the day, allocate time for strategic breaks to rejuvenate yourself and get more work accomplished.

Re-evaluate your strengths, passion and values 
Ideally, your career should be in line with the above three factors.

People are more fulfilled when their careers are meaningful, and offer them opportunities to utilise their skills and excel in their areas of expertise.

If you feel your current job offers you none of these aspects, it is time to rethink if you are truly suitable for it.

Source: thenewpaper, 6 Oct 2017