Monday, 9 October 2017

Most milk substitutes are low in iodine

Milk and dairy products are the main sources of iodine in many diets.

Latest research found that the iodine concentration of most alternatives to cows’ milk – such as soy and almond “milk” – is very low, about 2% of cow's milk.

This matters because deficiency of iodine, especially during pregnancy, affects brain development and is linked to low IQ. Morever, iodine is also vital to our body, from regulating thyroid function to metabolism, growth and development.

Other iodine sources

Consume other food with iodine if you do not consume milk or dairy products. These include:
  • Iodised salt (iodine is added)
  • Eggs
  • Fish like cod, tuna
  • Some beans and peas
  • Some fruits and vegetables 


Saunas may be good for blood pressure

A study suggests that regular sauna visits can reduce the risk for high blood pressure because:
  1. The warmth of the sauna improves the flexibility of the blood vessels which then eases blood flow. The warmth and subsequent cooling down of a typical Finnish sauna can induce general relaxation that is helpful in moderating blood pressure.
  2. Sweating removes excess fluid, acting as a natural diuretic. Diuretics are among the oldest drugs used to treat hypertension.

Note: If you are trying for a baby, it is suggested that the men should not use the sauna as it will affect the sperms.


Trying for a baby? The 8 ways a man is unknowingly damaging his sperm count

Sperm counts in men worldwide have declined by half over the past 50 years and are continuing to fall, according to recent reports.

But before you rush for anxiety-inducing tests, there are plenty of things a man can do to help things along and make sure his swimmers are in good nick.

Men are always producing new sperm – so little changes can make a difference quickly.

1. Tight underwear
2. Do not place laptop on your laps
3. Saunas and hot tubs
4. Mobile phones radiation do damage the sperms
5. Medications
6. Tobacco
7. Marijuana
8. Anabolic steroids
9. Obesity can cause low quality sperm or low sperm count


Technology crammed into cars worsens driver distraction

The infotainment technology that automakers are cramming into the dashboard of new vehicles is making driving more dangerous.

Automakers now include more options to allow drivers to use social media, email and text. The technology is also becoming more complicated to use. Cars used to have a few buttons and knobs but now may have as many as 50 buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard that are multi-functional. There are touch screens, voice commands, writing pads, heads-up displays on windshields and mirrors and 3-D computer-generated images.

"Drivers want technology that is safe and easy to use," said Marshall Doney, AAA's president and CEO, "but many of the features added to infotainment systems today have resulted in overly complex and sometimes frustrating user experiences for drivers."


Warning: Popular baby positioners may cause suffocation

Image for illustration - baby positioner

Do not use baby sleep positioner once the baby is able to turn around on its own as this may cause suffocation, as demonstrated by the baby doll face down on a sleep positioner.