Thursday, 12 October 2017

Quote by Michael Jordan: "I succeed because I failed"

Lesson to learn: 2-Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre to close. WHY?

Two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Andre will close its doors permanently on Feb 14 next year. The stars will be returned to Michelin Guide Singapore.

“I’m a perfectionist and for the past 30 years of my career, I’ve been looking for that unrealistic ‘moment of perfection’: Three Michelin stars, World’s Top 50 restaurant … Until now I realised, at this moment - it is perfect as it is,” Mr Chiang said in a statement on the restaurant’s website.

“You might ask, why now?,” Mr Chiang said in his statement.

“Because this is the best moment of my life. I walked into the restaurant, into the kitchen, I see everyone, everything in order, polished, flawless.

"I have never seen any restaurant like this. Every one of them is everything I hoped for. This is the perfect team that I will not see anywhere else again, and we have achieved everything we want to achieve.”

Lesson: You do not need an award to prove you are the best or have reached your goal.


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Lesson to learn: Countries smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup

One of the world’s tiniest nations will play at the planet’s biggest sporting event in the world’s largest country.

With just over 330,000 people, Iceland will now be the smallest country ever to play at the World Cup – breaking the record held by the 1.3 million-strong Trinidad and Tobago.

So it’s clear as day: When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter.

Viking Thunder-Clap will return for another outing at a major football championship. You bet!

Here are countries smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup:
  • Iceland - 330,000 (2018)
  • Trinidad and Tobago - 1.3m (2006)
  • Northern Ireland - 1.4m (1958)
  • United Arab Emirates - 1.9m (1990)
  • Kuwait - 2m (1982)
  • Slovenia - 2m (2002)


My 2 cents:
It all boils down to planning and management. Singapore, a small red dot, can be one of the richest countries in the world, is due to the long-term plans by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

To be world class soccer country or any sport for that matter (like our swimming and sailing athletes), it needs to have good planning and management team to build a solid foundation to have the best players.

Video: SAF sends S$270,000 of aid to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The Singapore Armed Forces delivered the humanitarian supplies to Bangladesh to provide aid for Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing a crackdown in Myanmar's troubled Rakhine state.

Video: channelnewsasia


Scam: LTA warns of 'investment' scam involving KL-Singapore High-Speed Rail project

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Wednesday (Oct 11) issued a warning about an investment scam involving the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed Rail (HSR) project.

Scammers have been using fake documents including contracts, bonds and construction drawings to con people into "investing" in the HSR project, LTA said in a Facebook post.

"If anyone with such documents contacts you to request for a transfer of money, please make a police report immediately," said LTA.

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