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Child obesity rates shoot up in Singapore

The proportion of overweight children in Singapore has shot up over the past four decades.

year  pri 1       pri 6
1976 1.4% 2.2%
2006 12.7% 15.9%
2014 12% 12%

This is in line with a major study, which showed that the number of obese children and adolescents worldwide has jumped tenfold over the past 40 years.

Parents have a major role to play and cannot just rely on school programmes to promote a healthy lifestyle, said chief dietitian Natalie Goh from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

"Parents themselves can be important role models to their children - eating healthy, staying active together and limiting screen time or use of electronic gadgets that promotes inactivity."


The difference between a stroke, heart attack and cardiac arrest

Heart attack and cardiac arrest terms are used interchangeably a lot, but they are not the same. While these two conditions are due to heart problems, stroke is not due with heart problems.

1) Stroke
There are 2 types of stroke, ischemic and hemorrhagic.

a) Ischemic stroke is where blood is prevented from going to the brain, ie certain part of the blood vessel is blocked or clotted.

Brain cells that are deprived of oxygen will die. Abilities controlled by these cells like memory, limb control or speech are lost.

b) Hemorrhagic stroke is when you have bleeding in the brain, like when the blood vessel ruptures. This type of stroke is less common, but it often results in death.

2) Heart attack
When blood is prevented from going to the heart, like clot by plaque or fat. Within a short period of time, the heart will be starved of oxygen and its mucles will die.

The heart usually does not stop beating during a heart attack.

The heart muscles can heal after treatment but the heart's pumping ability is reduced as some parts of the heart cells are already dead.

3) Cardiac arrest
When the heart stops pumping completely, it is called cardiac arrest. This can be caused by many factors like irregular heart beat or also by heart attack, when all arteries are blocked.

The victim will die if immediate treatment is not given.


Exceptional people: They save 3 lives in between them

Ms Punitha Subramanium (left) and Ms Attla Don Krystellina Sydney. TNP PHOTO
Both Certis Cisco security officers were nominated for the Spring Singapore Excellent Service Silver Award for their heroic acts.

Ms Punitha Subramanium and Ms Attla Don Krystellina Sydney had saved 3 lives in between them.

Mr Jason Tan, vice-president of Certis Cisco's protection and enforcement services, was proud of his officers.

He told TNP: "They displayed great courage and care at the most critical moment to render aid to a fellow human being."


Video: Mobile phone exploded in petrol station (in Cantonese)

Warning: DO NOT use your mobile in a petrol station. Just like smoking, it will cause sparkling and fire.

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